3 May

New science centre set up with help of Oxford colleges

first_imgAn outreach facility, named The Northwest Centre for Science, has been set up as a result of a collaboration between Corpus Christi, Pembroke and the South Cheshire College. The centre aims to aid scientifically minded students from schools in the North West by providing them with vital skills to continue into higher education.‘Imaging’ will be the scientific theme for the first year of the centre, which was launched in September.  It hopes to enhance the learning opportunities for students through a series of lectures given by teaching and research fellows from the University of Oxford and other top universities. These lectures will range from ‘Brain imagining’ to ‘Driverless cars’.The new science centre will also give Year 12 students from Crewe and the surrounding area the opportunity to visit regional laboratories such as SuperSTEM at Daresbury Laboratories and even attend a summer camp at Corpus Christi College.The first lecture in the series will be given by Professor Pete Nellist, Fellow and Tutor for Materials Science. He said he is“very excited about the opportunity to use university-based research activities as a resource that the Centre can use to enthuse and inform a new generation of scientists and to support them in their progression to higher education.”last_img read more

17 Jan

Great Georgia Grains

first_img“Any nation that needs soybeans at this time of year has to come to us to getthem,” he said. But the prices of retail bread and wheat products remained the same because thewheat value in the product is already quite low. Through 1996, world wheat stocks dropped to a very low level. It becameimperative to either grow a very large crop or use less wheat. Because those stockswere so low, prices rose. Shumaker said the rising wheat prices earlier this year didn’t really affectGeorgians, though. Local prices dropped near the harvest period. The main grainexporting facility in Savannah closed last year, further depressing prices. Georgia farmers grew a very large corn crop. Farmers really had to manage theway they sold their corn, to reduce their risk of getting caught by falling prices, hesaid. A lot of the effect farmers felt was due to a cold, wet spring in the Midwest. Thatkept those farmers from harvesting their wheat on time and planting corn. Other feed grains include soybeans. Georgia farmers are just getting back intogrowing soybeans. “For many years, other crops such as peanuts, cotton, corn orwheat, were more profitable,” Shumaker said. “So farmers grew those instead ofsoybeans.” New management programs are helping Georgia farmers grow soybeans atprofitable levels. They’re contributing to the record U.S. soybean exports thisyear, too. “Here at the end of 1996, I would expect to see some increase in soybean acres (for1997),” Shumaker said, “and a slight decline in the corn market.”center_img The near-record crop caused prices to fall sharply during harvest. They droppedfrom $5.50 per bushel during early spring to about $2.50 per bushel duringharvest in September and October. But that’s good news for livestock farmers and retail meat buyers. Lower cornand other feed grain costs help lower the cost of raising beef cattle, hogs andchickens. Lower production costs gradually translate into slight retail price drops. Worldwide wheat production jumped through the rest of 1996. “In fact, right nowthere is really an excess of wheat in the market,” Shumaker said. That’s pushingprices back down. “1996 was a good year for all the grains in Georgia — corn, wheat and soybeans,”said George Shumaker, an economist with the University of Georgia ExtensionService. Current price ratios between soybeans and corn suggest that soybeans are likely toreturn a greater profit than corn for grain farmers, he said. Mother Nature smiled on Georgia grain farmers this year. Not just by sending usfavorable weather, but by making growing conditions unfavorable in the Midwest. This is the first year farmers are operating under the “Freedom to Farm” bill thatallows them to switch to crops that can be more profitable for them. Shumakersaid that’s allowed them to plant different crops as world market prices havedropped or risen.last_img read more

8 Dec

A 5th birthday celebration to remember

first_imgENDICOTT (WBNG) — Saturday, Aleah Huff got a fifth birthday party she will never forget. “It’s awesome, definitely a good turnout and super exciting. She’s been expecting it for about a week now, so it’s awesome,” said Aleah’s mom Coreena Huff. Family and friends paraded down Aleah’s block in Endicott to help celebrate her fifth birthday. She was seated in front of her yard, dressed up as a princess, watching the parade go by.center_img The Endicott fire and police departments made an appearance, joining in on the parade.last_img read more

12 Jan

New political party to be launched soon

first_img– challenges existing parties to 2020 showdownA new political party, the self-dubbed Democratic National Congress (DNC), has announced its presence on the national landscape). On Sunday, it threw down the gauntlet to the existing political parties with general and regional elections slated for 2020.DNC leader, Craig Sylvester, noted in a statement that he has always been anLeader of the Democratic National Congress, Craig Sylvesteradvocate of new political parties. He noted that his DNC party will go toe-to-toe with the other parties in 2020 under the theme ‘Bringing Guyana into the 21st century’.“As a preliminary estimate, we only require twenty persons to assume ministerial portfolios for a resounding victory at the polls,” Sylvester said. “The party’s official launch and public discussion forum is due to be held soon.”“The Democratic National Congress will be committed to the principle (of) Guyana (being) governed as a democratic republic, where the authority of the state and its government is created and sustained by the consent of its people through their elected representatives,” Sylvester said, reeling off his party’s draft constitution.He also promised that a sound, effective political system for choosing and replacing governments through free and fair elections will be sustained.last_img read more

22 Dec

DD Fitness: Don’t eat chocolate! And other motivational nonsense

first_imgThis is going to be short and sweet today. After all, it is a Bank Holiday weekend and most of you are probably still in bed.I am pre-empting an early morning strike by my 6-year-old which will scupper any chance of a lie in, but I usually get up at 5am, so 7am will be a bonus.Over the last few days, in the build up to Easter, the fitness community started their usual nonsense. Memes were being posted daily, telling people about the amount of calories that will be in the Easter eggs they might be thinking of consuming.The memes, usually state the item, the calories involved and the amount of exercise you would have to do in order to burn off whatever you were planning to eat.Way to take the fun out of Easter ‘Fitness community’… Way to go. Easter isn’t the time to be worrying about the amount of calories, carbs, and sugar that is in chocolate.You have had all year to figure that out, and if you haven’t let it bother you up until now, there is no point in worrying about it over the one time of year where Creme Eggs are available and chocolate eggs and rabbits are plentiful.We all know that over indulging in chocolate isn’t a good thing.We all know that if you eat an inordinate amount of Easter eggs over a 12-hour period, chances are, we will have a week’s worth of calories to get rid of.With the amount of free information that is on the internet, I would hazard a guess that none of you reading this didn’t eat your Easter eggs and think that you were sin, points or calorie free.So why do these memes still clutter our news feeds any time we have a commercial holiday that revolves around eating? It’s because some people think that they will make a difference.I’m here to tell you that they won’t.NotOneBit!There are two ways that it will go if you are a gym, trainer, I.G ‘celebrity’ or fitness ‘motivator’ and you are trying to get your people to abstain from Easter. (This is excluding people prepping for competitions) 1. Your followers will ignore you and eat the eggs anyway.2. Your followers will abstain, only to crack a few days later and gorge themselves in a binge and then have guilt related feelings after.3. Your followers will agree with you and like and comment on your posts and eat the damn eggs anyways.We have all year to stick to the plan and watch what we eat.One day won’t mess things up.Breeding guilt related feelings around food will however push you into a binge and purge type of eating pattern, which is worse for everyone.The take home message here for everyone is this;Think about what you eat and the amounts that you are eating on all the other days of the year.Have a diet that is sustainable, isn’t overly restrictive and allows for social occasions that you can enjoy with your family when they arise.This might take a bit longer, but it will breed better habits and better relationships with food.You will also get to enjoy occasions like Christmas and Easter without worrying about how many burpees you will have to do in order to burn off a crème egg.Where’s the fun in that?#TrainSmartThere are limited spaces left on my NEW Lean in 2018 program.If you would like to join us in our LEAN IN 2018 program, the next one starts on April 3rd.We had numerous members lose over 3 stone in 2017 and they now know how to keep it off.If you want to know how to make a real difference in 2018, have a look at our Letterkenny gym plan where you can train with us in our Fully equipped and modern gym.DD Fitness: Don’t eat chocolate! And other motivational nonsense was last modified: March 31st, 2018 by Emmet RusheShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:chocolateEasterfitnessrushe fitnesslast_img read more