21 Sep

Todays Google Doodle is an Olympic game

first_imgDuring this Olympic season search engine Google has been doing a different Olympic themed Google Doodle every day. Today’s is different, Google has done it’s first Olympic game doodle.It’s pretty simple, you just have to jump the hurdles in the fastest time. Tap the left arrow key, followed by the right arrow key repeatedly as fast as possible to make your man run,  then press the space bar to jump over the hurdles. You’ll then be given a time and marked out of a possible three stars. You can also share your time on Google+.Of course, it’s not the first time Google have made their daily doodle into a game, back in 2010 many users swarmed the Google homepage just to play Pac Man, which was created to celebrate its 30th anniversary. It was so popular in fact, it was made playable forever.In May this year, Google recreated a Moog synthesizer to celebrate Dr Robert Moog’s 78th birthday. Users could create their own electronic music courtesy of Google and share their creations. It’s not just doodles that Google do though, ever tried typing “do a barrel roll” into Google?Google continues to amaze us with how much time and effort they put into their doodles. It will be interesting to see what kind of Olympic doodle they come up with next, whether it be another work of art, an animation, or game. In the meantime, I’m sure one of you can easily beat my rubbish 17 second score on today’s Google doodle.Post your scores in the comments and lets see who has the fastest fingers.via Googlelast_img read more