21 Sep

Disable Ping for Improved iPhone and iPad Battery Life

first_imgSome users have reported that by disabling Apple’s Ping music-based social network on their iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, they’ve managed to noticeably improve the battery life they get out of their device. The dip in battery life came with iOS 4.3, and some users have pointed to the fact that Ping runs quietly in the background at all times, ready for you to share the song you’re listening to or some flavor text about the music you like with your friends using Apple’s social network. Admittedly, Ping hasn’t really taken off in any notable way, and it’s pretty much a social networking graveyard considering Apple doesn’t really allow Ping to connect with many other, more well-populated social networks. Only recently did Apple allow you to post songs that you enjoyed to Twitter.  In the end, unless you use Ping regularly for anything, you’re better off disabling it and enjoying the boost in battery life. [via Geeky-Gadgets]last_img read more