20 Apr

Roberts’ gluten-free range wins approval

first_imgA new gluten-free range from family-owned plant baker Roberts has won widespread support from the coeliac community.Roberts’ Yes! You Can range, which was launched in June and is available nationwide in Tesco and at selected Co-operative stores, was recently on show at the Allergy and Free From Show in Liverpool.Yes! You Can is manufactured in Roberts’ specialist gluten-free bakery in Hawarden, Cheshire and is lower in fat than most gluten-free loaves. The range includes a 600g ‘fresh brown’ sliced loaf and a 600g ‘fresh white’ sliced loaf.With just 3.2% fat in the fresh white loaf and 3.7% in the fresh brown loaf, ‘Yes! You Can’ offers a significant fat reduction of as much as half the fat of many other fresh gluten-free breads. More than 5,000 people attended the show and top coeliac blogger Sean Stembridge said on his website – liveglutenfree.com: “We have heard a lot about this brand of bread and all of it good. After tasting it I fully understand why… it actually tasted like bread… but is gluten-free. I know, it’s shocking, but I was blown away with how good this tastes.”Another blog – mummyfever.blogspot.co.uk – said: “Roberts succeeds where others fail. So many wheat and gluten-free items are awful. Some fall apart if you look at them in the wrong way, some taste awful, some are only any good toasted. With the Roberts Yes! You Can range you can actually make and enjoy a sandwich… a revelation sometimes for those of us who don’t eat wheat or gluten.”last_img read more

18 Nov

From a brave and crazy dream to reality: The popular WRC (World Rally Championship) is coming to Croatia in 2021.

first_img2013 launches specialized sports channel – Creator of TV which broadcasts in almost all cable operators in the country. In parallel with the launch of the channel, Štetner is also investing in a satellite and television center in Jastrebarsko. In 2014, he signed exclusive cooperation agreements with Eurosport and other major television companies. In early 2012, he founded a racing team CREATOR RACING TEAM with the aim of racing in karting and foreign Formula One categories. Also, Stetner is and is a member of the FIA’s digital motorsport group and has been involved in creating rules worldwide, as well as no less important, president of the Croatian Network of Business Angels- CRANE. The start and finish of the race will be in Zagreb, and it will be driven on the local roads of Zagreb, Karlovac and Krapina-Zagorje counties. How attractive these races are is best illustrated by the figure of 836 million spectators who watched the WRC last year. The clubs responsible for the organization of the Croatia Rally are DT from Poreč and Cro Dakar Team from Zagreb, with the support of the Croatian Auto and Karting Association. The story goes something like this. More 2017. The, after Croatia Rally, as a successor to INA Delta Rally, moved to Istria in 2013 as a European Rally Championship, the team around Auto Club DT from Poreč, AK Cro Dakar Team from Zagreb and AK Delta Sport from Zagreb, with the support of the then President of Croatia Matko Bolanča’s car and karting association (HAKS), HAKS vice-president Domagoj Kamenski and HAKS secretary Zrinko Gregurek, started working more concretely on the idea of ​​bringing the WRC to Croatia. Thanks to Zrinko Gregurek, secretary of HAKS, Croatian beauties, tourist infrastructure and winding, slippery, hilly and narrow Istrian and Kvarner roads, with the persistence of project managers Daniel Šaškin, Marin Frček and their team, the WRC was at the door. Then in September, the most important people of the WRC and the FIA ​​visited Croatia to present our ideas and possibilities. It is clear to everyone that one such global attraction is a magnet for extending the tourist season and how much it will do to promote and brand Croatia on a global level. We could clearly see this in the example of the Tour of Croatia race, which was unfortunately destroyed due to private interests and went down in beautiful history. And this can only be achieved with new attractive content and strong entertainment and sports events in the pre- and post-season, such as undoubtedly the WRC. Jean Todt: WRC is coming to Croatia in 2021. Everything listed in short lines, without sleepless nights and all the struggle that was under the media radar, led to yesterday’s video address of Jean Todt on the site Croatian Car and Karting Association – HAKS. Every event or quality content drives the economy, generates consumption, creates a motive for coming, raises the quality of life, not to mention one global event like the WRC. At that time, all the prerequisites for the day’s agreement were on the table, and the organizers wanted the WRC in Croatia to be organized in April, May, early June, late September or October 2019 or 2020. But then the whole story stopped and there was no news about the progress of the negotiations. In 2019, the WRC monitored 836 million viewers, and 13 races attracted more than 4 million viewers, while the races achieved 1.4 billion online impressions. About 1500 accredited journalists report on the competition, and almost 9860 hours of TV programs have been produced and broadcast in more than 150 countries around the world. Feasibility studies prepared in 2017 by the Faculty of Economics and Tourism from Pula, headed by prof. dr. sc. Robert Zenzerović, Cooperative for Ethical Financing from Zagreb and an abbreviated study Department of Economics and Sports Management of the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb headed by Dr. sc. Sanela Škorić et al. Matom Bartoluciem from the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb, and based on data from other WRC races in the world, proves that this is a project of great benefit to the Republic of Croatia. Also, in the same year, the Kreator Group successfully obtained media rights for the most prestigious sailing race around the world – Volvo Ocean Race ™ and the rights to broadcast the World Motorcycle Championship – MotoGP ™ and other premium sports rights. In 2019, the WRC was watched by 836 million viewers A meeting was held at the highest level, with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia, the project had the support of MINT and CNTB, and things were more than promising. In fact, Croatia was granted the WRC in 2018, but Turkey was faster, so in almost a week it obtained all the necessary permits and state guarantees and signed a contract with the WRC promoter for the end of September, which Croatian organizers had hoped for. After that, the term offered to Croatia was in July 2018, which was not acceptable given the seasonal crowds and the peak tourist season, and the organizers want the WRC in Croatia to be organized in April, May, early June, late September or October . In the last seven years, the WRC has recorded a significant trend of growing popularity. This was helped by the implementation of new television technologies with the creative use of footage from helicopters and drones. Interestingly, Jean Todt in his address specifically referred to the successful organization and holding of the 46th INA Delta Rally in Zagreb, which took place at the end of September this year, especially in the context of restrictions and epidemiological measures related to the coronavirus epidemic. I emphasize this because the holding of the 46th INA Delta Rally in Zagreb caused an unnecessary revolt of certain citizens in Zagreb due to the closure of certain streets for the purpose of holding the race, ie the created crowds in the city. Interestingly, maintaining it was the last confirmation and step that today we can say that the WRC is coming to Croatia in 2021. In the most conservative calculations the generated consumption would amount to 22 million euros. Direct profit for the state, only through VAT, is the least four million euros, while the indirect profit of the project through media effects is huge 41 million euros. There he would draw a parallel in the case of the Ultra Festival in Split, where citizens complained that during and after the festival a lot of garbage remains. My comment was the attached article, how we should be happy that there is garbage, in fact let it be as much as possible. Because if there is garbage – there are tourists as well as consumption. But he went back to the chronology. Finally in July 2020, Jean Todt, President World Automobile Federation (FIA) he visited Croatia, and the main topic of the meetings with Croatian officials was the possibility of holding the World Rally Championship race in Croatia. By the way, under the leadership of Jean Todt from 1993 to 2008 – Ferrari won 14 titles in Formula 1, a name that does not need to be specifically represented anywhere in the world. But then in March 2019, the former assistant president and longtime member of the Board of the Croatian Auto and Karting Association, Davorin Stetner he was elected the new president of the alliance. Without any multiplication of the success and effort of the entire team that worked from the beginning on the whole story, but the arrival of Stetner at the forefront was a game changer and a change of direction through a new narrator. Because Davorin Štetner, entrepreneur and investor, was written in capital letters in the history of Formula 2011 in 1 as the youngest private owner of Formula 1 TV rights in the world. An achievement that enabled him to have direct contacts with the leading people of Formula 1, as well as the position of special guest of all F1 events around the world. / / / I ASK THE ORGANIZERS OF THE ULTRA FESTIVAL TO LEAVE US MORE GARBAGE NEXT YEAR That there are at least as many such and other events in the city of Zagreb, that at least the streets are closed as much as possible due to various events, because that befits a modern urban European city, including Lijepa naša. The problem of congestion in the city of Zagreb is already present, but it has nothing to do with the race, but the impossibility of widening the roads, and on the other hand too many cars on the roads. Simply put, the city of Zagreb is not planned to be able to receive as many cars as it operates on the streets of Zagreb every day, and that is a matter of strategic development of the city. Not holding a race. On the other hand, it is also one of the compromises of life in a big city or city center. It’s as if someone in the main square is complaining because they care about concerts in town and are bothered by noise. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, including life in Zagreb or the city center. It is about many years of struggle, lobbying and positioning Croatia as an ideal destination for the WRC, so that I could write this article today. If only there were more “crazy people” like Davorin Štetner, because without such “crazy people” we would not be writing about the WRC in Croatia today, as well as about many business successes in Croatia. Luckily, we have such dreamers all over Croatia, we just have to give them the opportunity to spread their wings and make us proud, as is the case with the entire team that has worked on the WRC in Croatia for years, not only a dream but also a reality. “This was literally a fight of 11 rounds, and now the most important one awaits us, the organizational and logistical one. Still, the feeling is great because the WRC is, along with Formula 1, the most prestigious octane competition in the world and only selected countries have the opportunity to host this spectacle. In addition to the sports part, we are planning many side events, such as a large economic and investment forum, because sports are first and foremost big business. I am proud and grateful to everyone involved in this complex process! We will show Croatia in the best light and mark 115 years of motoring in Croatia in the best possible way!”, Concluded the president of the Croatian Auto and Karting Association Davorin Stetner. Without thinking about surrendering, the struggle for the arrival of the WRC in Croatia continued. That is how the Government of the Republic of Croatia is 2018. The at its 103rd session, it approved the candidacy for the organization of the World Rally Championship (WRC) in the Republic of Croatia in 2019 and 2020. This was the first precondition for the globally popular WRC to be held for the first time in Croatia, as the FIA ​​and WRC Promoters condition the bringing of one WRC station only by active participation of state institutions in the project on several levels, of course to ensure quality performance and an organization at the level required by the whole event. The World Motorsport Council, the council of the FIA ​​World Automobile Federation, confirmed yesterday that the Croatia Rally is included in the calendar of the World Rally Championship ( World Rally Championship – WRC) for 2021. Croatia will host one of the most attractive sports events in the world from 22 to 25 April 2021. Feasibility study: In the most conservative calculations, the generated consumption would amount to 22 million euros In any case, the arrival of WRC in Croatia is a great thing, an opportunity to promote and brand Croatia, because no matter what we think of ourselves, the brand Croatia is still insufficiently recognized throughout the world. After all, the best ambassadors of Lijepa naša so far have been our sporting successes. Well done to the entire team that has been involved in the entire project of bringing the WRC to Croatia from the beginning until today. We can be proud because Croatia is hosting another global spectacle in Croatia.last_img read more