17 Jan

Reducing Stress

first_imgTime management is also key when it comes to reducing stress. To learn more, see UGA Extension Circular 1042, “Time Management: 10 Strategies for Better Time Management.” Plan ahead and get organized. Many of us are so busy with our daily lives that we often don’t feel as though we have time to plan ahead for the holidays. Taking care of things ahead of time, such as shopping for gifts and completing holiday cards, reduces the workload as the holidays draw nearer.Make lists of what to buy and where to buy them. Create a list of everything that needs to be done and bought, then attach a schedule for the coming weeks to break large tasks into smaller ones. Set a budget for shopping. Avoid stress later by limiting spending now.Set realistic expectations. Rather than expecting your holiday to be “perfect,” focus on the real meaning of the season. Spending quality time with loved ones is the ultimate goal.It is OK if the food or decor is not perfect. Focus on the positive moments as much as possible. Take time to think about what events to attend or host and for how long, keeping in mind that, sometimes, less is more.Take care of yourself. This is one of the cornerstones of stress management, and it’s especially important at holiday time, for you and for everyone else in the family, especially children. Stress can spill over onto other family members, so it’s a kindness to everyone when you take good care of yourself.Making sure we eat healthy foods, exercise, get plenty of rest and relaxation also helps to bolster us and renews our physical and emotional resources. Focus on eating healthier foods, such as vegetables, fruits and lean meats. Ask yourself if you are truly hungry or if you are just eating because food is readily available.Increase your physical activity by walking after meals and taking stairs rather than elevators. Finally, take time for yourself, even if it’s only a few minutes while you are lying in bed in the morning.Be in the moment. Remember, every stressful situation, glitch, perceived setback and roadblock has the potential for awesome memories and great stories in the future. Before the jack-o’-lanterns lost their smiles, stores were already advertising sales, stringing up holiday lights, setting up displays and playing seasonal music. There’s a huge buildup to the winter holidays.The season brings changes for many of us: families are visiting, different foods are consumed, homes take on festive looks and bedtime routines are disrupted.Holiday to-do lists are long. With goodies to bake, cards to write, packages to buy and wrap, parties to attend and travel plans to make, lists may already be winding down the hall, out the living room window and waving in the breeze.With so much happening, we have little time left to take care of ourselves, and physical and emotional resources may become depleted. Some stress can provide motivation to be productive, but too much stress can be detrimental to health and enjoyment of the season.To make this holiday less stressful and more enjoyable, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension offers the following tips:last_img read more

16 Sep

Football: Taylor’s season starts off strong, but strong enough for a Heisman?

first_imgThe University of Wisconsin running back Jonathan Taylor has been a victim of his own excellence.After submitting one of the greatest true freshman seasons in the history of College Football, Taylor has followed up this season thus far with four performances that by any measure should be considered dynamite, however, as a result of his growing hype and Heisman expectations, his elite start to the season has widely been dismissed as routine.Entering the bye week, Taylor sits second among all rushers in the nation with 628 yards in four games, an average that paces out to 157 yards per game. He’s also the most utilized rusher in the nation with 102 attempts.Perhaps some of the comparatively lacking recognition stems from the recent touchdown drought Taylor’s gone through over the last two games. After beginning the year with five scores in two games, his goal line absence has been noticeable in his two games since without crossing into the end zone.Football: Takeaways from narrow escape in Iowa CitySaturday night, the University of Wisconsin Football Team, seeking redemption from last week’s loss, went to work at Kinnick Stadium against Read…Part of the reason for his under-utilization deep in the red zone has been his propensity for the fumble, and his habit of doing so deep in opponent territory, which has led the Badgers to go with running back Taiwan Deal in those situations. Deal had two touchdowns against Brigham Young University.Despite this, Taylor remains on track for an even better season than his rookie campaign. Through four games last season, Taylor had accounted for 518 yards on the ground, 110 yards less than his current total. This is also a yards per game average of almost 30 less than he currently holds.His statistics clearly depict a back that is building on a strong start to his collegiate career, however, they don’t tell the whole story.The Wisconsin offensive line, which in years past has seemingly been the infallible cornerstone of the Badger brand of Big Ten, smash-mouth football, is looking increasingly vulnerable. We haven’t seen as many explosive attempts from Taylor this season, and it looks like it is partly due to the lack of large holes being created for him by the interior linemen.In the loss against BYU, Head Coach Paul Chryst spoke after the game about his decision to pull most the starting offensive linemen in favor of the second team for a drive in the middle of a tight game. He attributed the decision completely to the heat, saying he wanted to give them a break.Football: Saturday’s win at Iowa a glimmer of hope (Let me convince you)Sometimes you gotta know when to cut your losses, give up and temper your expectations. Sometimes you gotta hold fast Read…Taylor had trouble bursting through the line of scrimmage for large gains the entire game.Now, these criticisms are like the man who complains because his golden shoes are too tight. Taylor’s record is still impeccable, and the offensive linemen are still likely one of the strongest units in the country. But if Taylor is pushing for an invitation to the Heisman this season, and a shot to take home the trophy, any blemish is fair game.last_img read more