1 Jan

PETA presents Price Chopper with a Compassionate Action Award

first_imgPETA is presenting Price Chopper CEO Neil Golub with a Compassionate Action Award for pulling the supermarket chain’s funding for the Nerger Lion and Tiger Show’s appearance at the Champlain Valley Fair. Golub pulled the company’s sponsorship after receiving complaints from Burlington residents who pointed out that the show is exploitive and inhumane. Golub claims that fair officials misled him about what Price Chopper would be sponsoring and that Price Chopper would never voluntarily support any form of animal abuse.”By refusing to sponsor the Nerger Lion and Tiger Show, Price Chopper is sending fair officials and attendees a strong message that big cats shouldn’t be subjected to unnatural environments, noisy crowds, and cruel training methods,” says PETA Director Debbie Leahy. “The lion and 12 tigers who are forced to perform at the fair are owned by the Hawthorn Corp., which the U.S. Department of Agriculture has repeatedly cited for failing to follow the minimal guidelines set by the Animal Welfare Act.”Hawthorn, which employs Juergen and Judit Nerger, the trainers who run the Nerger Lion and Tiger Show, has been cited for failure to maintain sufficient distance and/or barriers between animals and the general viewing public, failure to provide veterinary care to a lion who had three lesions, and failure to provide adequate veterinary care to three tigers who had sores on the tops of their heads and near their eyes. Hawthorn has also given animals to exhibitors such as L&L Exotics, which has a lengthy history of poor animal care. (L&L eventually had its license revoked.)Source: PETA.org.last_img read more