21 Sep

Worlds largest stopmotion Postit video uses 350000 Postits

first_imgYesterday we showed you the world’s largest stop-motion animation video which was shot on a Nokia N8 camera. Today, we have another world’s largest stop-motion video, but this one uses Post-it notes to garner the World’s Largest Stop-Motion Post-it Animation award.The video was created as an advertising scheme for a new Melissa shoe store in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Apparently, the shoe brand Melissa is big enough in Brazil to warrant such an elaborate promotion built in honor of the opening of the company’s flagship store, Galeria Melissa. The project took 25 animators over five months of time. To create the animation, Melissa teamed up with 3M and used 350,000 Post-it notes.The Post-its weren’t just part of the video, though; the giant canvas was opened to the public to come by and add their messages of love on the notes. The video’s theme is “the power of love,” based on the recently released Power of Love shoe collection. Of the 350,000 Post-its used in the animation, more than 30,000 of them had random love notes written on them from people visiting the massive Post-it exhibit.The result is a mammoth of a brightly-colored mural that’s rather impressive to look at. The video shows a girl being carried by a balloon through the Post-its, an elephant rearing up on its hind legs, and a flower radiating from the center of the piece. The videos also show some of the lovey-dovey notes that people contributed to, as well as some of the people themselves.We’d prefer to see more of the stop-motion animation and less of the people writing love notes on the wall, but it’s still a pretty amazing video considering the scope of the whole project.Check out a little “Making Of” video below for a few more glances of the amazing stop-motion mural.via Social Timeslast_img read more