18 Dec

What to do when a security breach hits the headlines

first_imgThe number of U.S. merchant security breaches has steadily increased in recent years, presenting challenges for financial institutions, merchants and consumers alike. In fact, while only the largest incidents make headlines, NBC News and the Credit Union National Association have reported that more than 1,500 data security breaches occurred in 2014 alone, exposing more than one billion data records.Consider also that the widely publicized 2013 Target security breach cost credit unions well over $30 million, according to CUNA’s estimates. And that figure doesn’t even factor in the millions of new credit and debit cards credit unions had to issue in the months that followed.So while nationwide adoption of advanced security technologies such as EMV and tokenization will help stem the tide of this troubling trend, the reality is that security breaches will continue to occur, negatively impacting credit unions and their members.“When responding to a large merchant security breach, every minute counts,” said Tim Weaver, product manager – core products for CO-OP Financial Services. “The very first thing credit unions need to do is locate all member cards that are potentially compromised, and that requires immediate access to the right data.” continue reading » 26SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

27 Sep

Why I’ve lost my hunger for violent, unethical games

first_imgOPINION: Sydney Morning Herald 3 April 2012Clare Cannon is editor of GoodReadingGuide.com.The arrival of The Hunger Games on the big screen has sent thrills around the world. Already a publishing blockbuster, Suzanne Collins’s sensational trilogy is cleaning up at the box office as well. The first instalment is an enthralling film that keeps audiences spellbound throughout. Or so I hear, for I won’t be going. I read all three books in my professional capacity as a reviewer and experienced first-hand their hypnotic quality. But while they may provide gripping entertainment, they carry some worrying ethical messages….. Firstly, Collins distorts the meaning of heroic rebellion. The lead character, Katniss Everdeen, clearly has more courage than most people on the planet. In addition, she seems to have no choice but to go along with the Games and try to survive. If she refuses, not only will she die, but her family and friends will also suffer. But is it real rebellion to allow herself to be trained up for a killer-survivor episode? Could one say no? Other heroes have shown it is possible. Passive resistance was the ”weapon” of choice for Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr and anti-Nazi activists Sophie Scholl and her brother. And may we mention Christian martyrs? In all these cases, even where their protests led to sudden death, their story didn’t end. Katniss is courageous, but her ”rebellion” is a compromise.Secondly, survival justifies killing in this story. By participating in the Games, even the heroes allow themselves to be infected with its kill-or-be-killed ethos. Katniss reluctantly begins by dropping an insect nest on someone’s head so they swell up and die ”naturally”, then destroys others’ food so they will starve. Later, she has no problem shooting a citizen who blocks her path.Thirdly, characters are desensitised to sexual exploitation. The reality television framework makes body appearance important: each contestant has a stylist who must first assess them without clothes (Katniss ”bravely” resists the urge to cover herself), and then a full body wax makes them camera-ready. This is probably normal for reality TV, but don’t tell me it’s brave. A fake relationship between Katniss and the male lead, Peeta, is also played up to win sponsorship. So physical affection is given for food, or later because she’s ”so desperately lonely [she] can’t stand it”. This selfish mockery is all the love that is shown in The Hunger Games.Fourthly, feelings replace right and wrong. For Katniss, the pattern is repeated over and over: a catastrophic situation is followed by her passionate but often unethical reaction, then a soul-searching analysis of her feelings to deal with her guilt, followed by defiant justification that she had no choice, or that she was confused, which is the fault of those who created the catastrophe. Thus she becomes the victim-hero: they made her do it.Finally, there is the seductive sensationalism of the storytelling. It is like watching a graphic news story that turns horrific events into entertainment. The screaming, the blood, the broken bodies – and when all this is no longer enough, the slow and graphic death of some poor, innocent character we’ve come to like. How can this series be a critique of using injury and death for entertainment when it does the same itself?http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/society-and-culture/why-ive-lost-my-hunger-for-violent-unethical-games-20120402-1w8pl.html#ixzz1quyZy5Uhlast_img read more

30 Aug

New Bookmaker Alert! BetRegal launches on EveryMatrix platforms

first_img MoneyMatrix boosts wire transfer options by integrating Klarna’s Sofort August 24, 2020 Share Submit StumbleUpon PartnerMatrix drives user engagement with two new deals August 13, 2020 Related Articles Share Erik Nyman joins EveryMatrix as US lead August 6, 2020 New Bookmaker BetRegal (BetRegal.com) has launched today, powered by EveryMatrix platform and software provisions.Operated by The Regal Group Ltd, BetRegal seeks to quickly establish itself as the market leader in low-margin betting odds for seasoned punters in both in-play and pre-match sports markets.The new bookmaker further states that it will offer betting customers the best value incentives for play, beyond simply using bonuses as player acquisition and retention tool.Led by CEO Michael Mirtl, the ambitious BetRegal seeks to clearly mark a point of difference in the saturated online betting sector.“Our research has told us that customers are evolving. Gone are the days of attracting new acquisition by simply offering a bigger bonus or free bet. The onus is now on operators to ensure we are providing a high- quality product, offering significant value and a great user experience. This is where we feel we can differentiate BetRegal.com.” Mirtl detailed.Partnering with EveryMatrix, BetRegal will gain full sportsbook and casino platform provisions. The new bookmaker launches on EveryMatrix sports betting platform which has recently undertaken an overhaul to improve all-round performance and partner scalability.“The EveryMatrix platform allows us the control and flexibility to manage the value in our product to a very granular level,” Mirtl continued. “It’s something no other provider we evaluated could offer.”Ebbe GroesBetRegal.com has gained operator licences in the UK, Denmark, Malta and Curacao and will initially function under the EveryMatrix licensing structure.EveryMatrix CEO Ebbe Groes, backed the new betting market upstart, stating that his company would help the ambitious enterprises realise its potential:“BetRegal’s core desire to deliver the best experience from both sports and casino resulted in a value driven product offering and we are excited to bring on an operator with a management team that has a significant degree of experience in the iGaming space. Choosing EveryMatrix as their provider of choice is a positive indicator of our solutions’ excellent granular functionality and we trust our modern integration methods and our flexible front-end design will be highly appreciated by BetRegal’s customers.”last_img read more