16 Sep

Explorer program teaches valuable life skills

first_imgThe official goal of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office Explorer program is to offer young people “an opportunity to observe the criminal justice system and assist them in making an informed career decision.”But don’t believe only the official line, because the program is much more than that.Ask any of the young people enrolled in the program what it means, and you’ll hear about police stuff, sure, but they also say it teaches you to rise up both mentally and physically.“Explorers sets a standard,” said Jacinda Rose, a high school junior from Ridgefield who is in the program. “It puts a higher standard on you to learn about everything.”Rose would know. She’s a recent champion of a statewide Explorer camp physical agility test. That challenge included a dummy drag, some sprints through a marked course and a bear crawl to the finish line.And that’s not even the tough part. The camp offers up exposure to some of the paramilitary structure still prevalent in law enforcement. There are drills and chores, and for first-timers there are times when you just get yelled at.last_img read more