12 Jan

“Don’t be fooled”, Jagdeo tells Alexander Village residents

first_imgLGE 2018…as constituency candidate calls for Town Clerk, Mayor to be jailedAs the residents of Alexander Village, Georgetown, braved the scattered showers to listen to the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Local Government Elections candidates elaborate on their plans for the various constituencies, Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo told them that they should not be fooled by theOpposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo and constituency candidates during the Alexander Village meeting on Saturday eveningGovernment, alluding to the level of corruption at the Georgetown municipality.“Do not be fooled. This is not about Royston King and Chase Green; they will put them back again if they win the city and they will continue with the wickedness because they have the majority and that is why we have to fight to take all the seats,” Jagdeo told the residents.The former President said the PPP’s list of candidates for the Georgetown municipality is one that has more integrity and progressive attitude than the entire A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) slate. He said the names of Mayor Chase Green and Town Clerk King keep coming up but sought to remind the residents that those two are mere actors who are supported by Central Government. Jagdeo said all the levels of corruption are now coming to light because of the Commission of Inquiry (CoI) into the affairs of City Hall – a CoI which the PPP Local Government Commissioners fought for.“They have done all sorts of atrocious things to the residents of the city and now they’re facing what is due to them because the Government with (Communities Minister Ronald) Bulkan and the others did not want the wickedness that they are pursuing at City Hall to come to light. If you follow the CoI, you will find out how corrupt the administration of City Hall has been for the past several years,” he explained.He reminded the residents that the PPP Administration never controlled the affairs of the city, rather it is the People’s National Congress and later APNU who have had control for over 52 years. He said they have injected over $30 billion into the city, building almost every road and spending US$13 million to move the landfill site from the city to outside.“We gave subvention. We forced them to do audits and in the three years of this government, what was revealed is that they have gone back to their old ways. They are selling City Hall properties without the requisite approvals. They are giving hundreds of millions to friends and families without any procurement and what is coming out is the impunity in which they presided over the affairs of the city. It is not about Chase Green and Royston King… the PNC/Alliance For Change cabal they have 28 of 30 Councillors at City Hall. None of this would have happened had they exercise any control there but what happened at City Hall was done with the complicity of Central Government,” he said.The PPP General Secretary also said the Parking Meter Project could not have come on board had Minister Bulkan not signed off on the contract, adding that they are now distancing themselves from the corrupt project.City Hall woesMeanwhile, PPP member David Williams, who is a candidate for the area, riled up the crowd when he said that both King and Chase Green should be in jail.“Before your eyes the facts are there. The CoI that is currently ongoing shows Royston King has done so much damage, he should not be there at the CoI, he should be in the Camp Street prison. That is where he should belong, and Royston King is just an administrative officer of the Mayor and City Council. There is nowhere in a monarchy a king don’t have a queen and Ms Patricia Chase Green also should be put behind bars,” Williams said.Several of the constituency candidates also presented their plans for the areas, urging the residents to vote for the PPP.last_img read more