18 May

Growing pains

first_imgRelated posts:No related photos. Ata time of great flux in the field of adult learning, a new report tracks its developmentsince the Industrial Revolution and comments on the current policy frameworktowards adult learning. By Elaine EsseryAdultLearning in England: a review is a collaborative report by the Institute forEmployment Studies (IES) and the National Institute of Adult ContinuingEducation (NIACE) launched during Adult Learners Week last month.Itcontributes to a thematic review being carried out by the Organisation forEconomic Co-operation and Development (OECD) across nine countries. The OECDstudy aims to review whether the quality and quantity of learning opportunitiesfor adults are adequate and to suggest how access to adult learning could beimproved. The DfEE asked IES and NIACE to prepare the report as background forOECD experts who recently visited a variety of workplaces and institutions inEngland as part of their review.Thereis little new in the IES/NIACE report – it is based on a review of existinginformation backed up by the authors’ considerable knowledge and experience inthe field. But it provides a comprehensive and useful reference source on adultlearning in England at the turn of the century.OverviewThedocument gives an overview of relevant institutional and policy framework,shows the current state of play on participation in adult learning and examinesthe needs and motivation of adult learners – along with barriers to learning. Alook at the benefits of learning and recent moves to widen participation inlearning activities are followed by the authors’ conclusions on the currentpolicy framework towards adult learning.Thebalance of evidence suggests that learning activity among adults is rising, thereport says, yet there remains a persistent group of non-learners. Factorsbehind non-participation in learning include the lack of learning opportunitiesof a kind which people want or are able to access.JimHillage, an associate director of the IES and one of the report’s principalauthors, explains, “Learning needs to be made simple and at a modular level,allowing people to learn things they want to learn at any given time andletting them return to learning when it suits them.”Thisis the underlying philosophy of learndirect, the brand name of the Universityfor Industry (Ufi). According to Hillage, “Ufi is an interesting innovation asit’s going to make learning more bite-sized, more downloadable, more immediate.And that might change some of the current policy thinking which concentrates onqualifications.”Hillageis critical of the Government policy focus on qualifications which, he says,can act as a deterrent to learning. “Often people want to engage in smallamounts of learning. They may want to know just a bit more about something butdon’t want to do a course with a qualification at the end of it, which is whatthe Government tends to package up. You may want to do, say, a three-day courseand if your employer is willing to pay for you to do that, or if you’re willingto pay for it yourself, that’s fine. But if the only way you can access moneyis by going on a publicly funded course leading to an output, it makes a mealof it and makes life more complicated.”Hillagequestions the importance of qualifications, believing them to be little morethan convenient measures of the quality of training provision on which governmentcan base payments. “Qualifications are not as important to individuals oremployers as policy tends to think. Ask employers and most of them will saythat they treat them as a filter but what’s important is that people have donethe learning and can do the job,” says Hillage.Qualificationsdo, however, impact on earnings. The report shows that academic qualificationsattract a higher premium than vocational qualifications. Men with a degreeearn, on average, 60 per cent more than average earnings and men without anyqualification earn 40 per cent less than average earnings.“Thereis some suggestion that the differential is narrowing but I think it’s true tosay that employers would on balance still have an inclination towards anacademic qualification which they know,” says Hillage.ProgressTherehas been considerable progress in recent years in raising the level of skillsamong the UK’s population, but Britain has alarmingly low levels of basicskills which contribute to the skills gap between it and other industrialisedcountries. Sir Claus Moser drew on figures from an OECD study to illustratethis in his report last year. Of the 13 industrialised countries surveyed, onlytwo – Poland and Ireland – have a greater literacy problem than Britain.Changesin the occupational structure have caused basic skills deficiencies to becomemore measurable, Hillage claims. “People who slipped through the education net10 to 20 years ago and never fully mastered the art of reading and writing, tosome extent never really had to, as there were many jobs available to them. Nowit’s more difficult to find those sort of jobs and people are having to admitthat they have very low levels of literacy,” he says.Untilrelatively recently there has been little support to help people read and writeonce they have left full-time education. Now, tackling poor standards of adultliteracy and numeracy is high on the Government’s agenda.“Partof the trick is getting people in the workplace to encourage those who do havelow levels of literacy and numeracy to learn. “Oneof the most interesting things in the last 10 years has been the involvement oftrade unions, through schemes like the Union Learning Fund, in bringinglearning to the workplace. It has to be made very, very easy for people. Thelearning has to come to them,” says Hillage.“Employershave a role. Some think: ‘This is not my problem, this is the state’s problem.We will teach people to use a machine but if they can’t even read that’s notour problem.’ I think employers need to take a wider view. If they want to havea better labour market from which to recruit they need to give more support toeverybody.”ConclusionAdultLearning in England: a review concludes that “the next decade will be the testboth of government intentions and the efficacy of its proposed solutions.” Itsuggests that there remain a number of challenges. Perhaps the greatest ofthese is raising the demand for learning among those who need it most – but areinterested in it least – and ensuring that new initiatives focus on those inneed. Previous Article Next Article Growing painsOn 1 Jun 2000 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. last_img read more

17 Jan

Spring lawns

first_imgResults are usually received within five to seven working days. Soil samples should be taken from representative areas of lawns or gardens using a small trowel or a soil-coring tool. Several samples from large areas can be pooled together in a plastic bucket. These samples must provide a total volume of at least 2 cups of soil that can then be air-dried by spreading it out on newspaper and allowing it to dry for about 24 to 48 hours. Results from the soil test report include pH levels and concentrations of several key nutrients: phosphorous, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Also included are suggestions on adjustment of pH to the recommended range and the addition of fertilizers to provide adequate quantities of nutrients. Nitrogen concentration, however, is not reported and recommendations are made assuming nitrogen will be needed. Range of pH on lawn depends on grass typeWhen a soil test is submitted for lawn grasses, recommendations about the amount of lime and fertilizers will be provided. If no soil test is available, general recommendations based on average conditions can be followed. Generally recommended pH ranges for lawns depend on the type of grass. For centipedegrass the pH range is 5.0 to 6.0. For St. Augustinegrass, bermudagrass and tall fescue lawns, the pH range is 5.5 to 6.5. For zoysiagrass the pH range is 6.0 to 7.0. Nitrogen is required for leaf and root production to maintain a green and healthy turf. Again, recommendations depend on the type of grass. Centipedegrass requires 1 to 2 pounds of nitrogen per 1000 sq. ft. annually while zoysiagrass needs 2 to 3 pounds. Bermudagrass, St. Augustinegrass and tall fescue lawns require 2 to 4 pounds of nitrogen per 1000 sq. ft. each year. Timing is based on turf type, tooThe timing and frequency of application is also based on the type of grass. Because tall fescue is a cool-season species, it should be fertilized in the fall and late winter, not in the late spring and summer. Warm-season grasses require fertilizer only during the growing season when root growth is occurring. Warm-season grasses like bermudagrass, St. Augustinegrass, zoysiagrass and centipedegrass should be fertilized when soil temperatures at 4 inches below the surface are at or above 65 degrees Fahrenheit. (Soil temperatures in your area can be checked online at www.georgiaweather.net.)Plants can only take up two forms of nitrogen: inorganic nitrate or ammonium. All other forms of nitrogen must be broken down to ammonium or nitrate to be available to plant roots. Nitrate is soluble in water and is poorly held by soils. If nitrate-containing fertilizers are applied before soil temperatures reach 65 degrees, root activity is limited, and there is an increased opportunity for loss of nitrate from the root zone. Nitrates washing through the root zone will eventually enrich the surface and ground water resources of the region, contributing to non-point source pollution. Nitrates leaching through the root zone can eventually find their way into ground and surface water reserves. This results in non-point source water pollution.Apply when grass is actively growingThe general rule is to apply fertilizer to grasses when they are actively growing and can effectively absorb and retain the nitrogen without contributing to water pollution. With that in mind it is reasonable to apply several small doses of fertilizer rather than the total amount at one time. That translates into four applications of 1 pound of nitrogen per 1000 sq. ft. for bermudagrasses rather than one application of 4 pounds per 1000 sq. ft. Following these guidelines from UGA Extension will encourage healthy vigorous grasses while protecting natural resources. For more information, contact your local Extension office at 1-800-ASK-UGA1 or go to www.GeorgiaTurf.com. In early spring as dormant, warm-season lawns begin to turn green, University of Georgia Extension agents receive many of calls about managing lawns. Most questions are about fertilization, including what type of fertilizer, how much to use and how frequently should it be applied. The best answers to fertilizer questions can be given when the concentrations of nutrients, particularly phosphorous and potassium, present in the soil are known. This information can be found through a soil test. Take soil sample to your Extension officeThe UGA Soil Analysis Laboratory in Athens is recognized as one of the best in the state. Soil tests are done on samples of air-dried soils. Samples can be brought into local Extension offices and sent to the lab for a fee of $8.last_img read more

19 Oct

China charges two detained Canadians with alleged espionage

first_imgChinese prosecutors said on Friday they have charged two detained Canadians for alleged espionage, in a case that has driven a diplomatic wedge between Ottawa and Beijing.Former diplomat Michael Kovrig and businessman Michael Spavor were arrested in late 2018 on state security charges, after Canadian authorities arrested Huawei Technologies Co’s chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, in Vancouver on a U.S. warrant.In December, China’s foreign ministry said it had ended an investigation into the two, and the case had been turned over to prosecutors. Kovrig’s case is being handled by prosecutors in Beijing, and Spavor’s in the northeastern province of Liaoning. Canada has called the arrests “arbitrary”.Last month, Huawei’s Meng, the daughter of the founder of the telecoms giant, lost a legal bid to avoid extradition to the United States to face bank fraud charges, dashing hopes for an end to her house arrest in Vancouver.She recently raised a new argument in a Canadian court in a bid to fight extradition, court documents released on Monday showed.Topics :last_img read more

28 Aug

GFA Tech Director Oti Akenten: “We have properly,carefully and planned programs”

first_imgThe technical director of the Ghana Football Association, Francis Oti Akenten has denied increasing perceptions of poor quality in the FA’s coaching programs for over local coaches.”It is a properly,carefully and well planned programme. Our programs are monitored by CAF and in conformity with Caf regulations. Caf selects an assessor to come and assess the contents of the examination conducted””An assessor has the ability to inspect and be satisfied with the examination before approval, Caf marks the Exams papers. l don’t even know who has passed or fail”.”We have now even introduced computer analysis in our upcoming programs to help the coaches scientifically and technically.”Akenten spoke in respect of complaints that the courses being undertaken by the local coaches does not reflect on the field of play in the various indigneous leagues.– Follow Joy Sports on Twitter: @Joy997FM. Our hashtag is #JoySportslast_img read more

14 Aug

Wellington Police Notes: Thursday, May 21, 2015

first_imgWellington Police notes for Thursday, May 21, 2015•6:35 a.m. Zackary R. McCreery, 22, Wichita, was issued a notice to appear for seatbelt violation.•7:30 a.m. Troy D. Koehn, 37, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for seatbelt violation.•7:45 a.m. Stacy L. Hamilton, 36, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for speeding 54 mph in a 30mph zone.•7:46 a.m. Officers investigated domestic battery in the 1300 block N. B, Wellington by a known suspect.•8:20 a.m. Shannon Norris, 46, Wellington was arrested and charged with domestic battery.•11:12 a.m. Joshua A. Belisle, 37, Derby, was issued a notice to appear for speeding 57 mph in a 40 mph zone.•Heather E. N. Watts, 22, Wellington was served a summons to appear for theft.•Curtis G. Troutman, 25, Wellington was served a summons to appear for theft.•12:07 p.m. Ryan M Lagree,  42,Wichita was issued a notice to appear charged with speeding 56 mph in a 40 mph zone and operating a motor vehicle without proof of insurance.•2 p.m. Abbie R. Abasolo, 36, Wellington was issued a notice to appear charged with speeding 45 mph in a 30 mph zone (radar),expired drivers license and operating a motor vehicle without proof of insurance.•2:25 p.m. Officers investigated animal cruelty in the 200 block of  S Arthur.•3:03 p.m. Officers investigated suspicious activity in the 1400 block of Michigan.•4 p.m. Officers investigated  an animal complaint of a vicious dog in the 900 block of W. 7th.•5:45 p.m. Shane L. Forester, 39, Wellington was arrested and confined on Sumner County warrants for failure to appear.•5:50 p.m. Cole J. Shaffer, 27, Wellington was issued a notice to appear charged with seatbelt violation.•5:53 p.m. Gina M. Dunn, 42, Wellington was issued a notice to appear charged with expired registration, seatbelt violation and operating a motor vehicle without proof of insurance.•7:20 p.m. Kenneth L. Nutt, 42, Wellington was issued a notice to appear charged with seatbelt violation.•7:30 p.m. Thomas w. Janney, 58, Wellington was issued a notice to appear charged with seatbelt violation.•10:19 p.m. Officers investigated aggravated battery and battery in the 300 block of W 9th.last_img read more

19 Jan

Belo’s return bodes well for Blackwater in crucial stretch

first_imgPhivolcs records 2 ‘discrete weak ash explosions’ at Taal Volcano View comments Arellano withstands San Beda, moves one win away from title Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next SEA Games 2019: No surprises as Gilas Pilipinas cruises to basketball gold PLAY LIST 06:27SEA Games 2019: No surprises as Gilas Pilipinas cruises to basketball gold00:50Trending Articles03:19PBA Season 43 Preview: Blackwater Elite02:14Carpio hits red carpet treatment for China Coast Guard02:56NCRPO pledges to donate P3.5 million to victims of Taal eruption00:56Heavy rain brings some relief in Australia02:37Calm moments allow Taal folks some respite03:23Negosyo sa Tagaytay City, bagsak sa pag-aalboroto ng Bulkang Taal01:13Christian Standhardinger wins PBA Best Player award Phivolcs records 2 ‘discrete weak ash explosions’ at Taal Volcano LATEST STORIES Sea turtle trapped in net freed in Legazpi City Fortunately, these last two outings have delivered nothing but good news for Blackwater, with huge victories over San Miguel and Kia giving it a much-needed shot in the arm going into its final two games against NLEX and Phoenix.“Those wins were huge because we gained confidence. We’ve been playing well, our teamwork is there, we’re getting balanced scoring, and everyone is contributing,” he said. “We’ll just give our all in our final games.”The Elite take on the Road Warriors on Sunday at Philippine Arena.ADVERTISEMENT GALLERY: Barangay Ginebra back as PBA Governors’ Cup kings UK plans Brexit celebrations but warns businesses may suffer Steam emission over Taal’s main crater ‘steady’ for past 24 hours MOST READ It’s too early to present Duterte’s ‘legacy’ – Lacson Lights inside SMX hall flicker as Duterte rants vs Ayala, Pangilinan anew Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. PBA IMAGESMac Belo allayed fears of  another long-term injury, saying that he no longer feels any discomfort on his left knee.“I no longer feel any pain. I don’t feel much tightness anymore,” said Belo, who is recovering from an ITB injury which caused him to miss Blackwater’s last game against San Miguel.ADVERTISEMENT Nueva Ecija warehouse making fake cigarettes raided, 29 Chinese workers nabbed Belo didn’t show any signs of unease when he suited up in the Elite’s 95-76 win over Kia on Friday.The sophomore forward poured eight points, three rebounds, and two steals in his 15 minutes on the floor, efforts which helped to boost his side’s belated run to the playoffs in the 2018 PBA Philippine Cup.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSTim Cone, Ginebra set their sights on elusive All-Filipino crownSPORTSGinebra beats Meralco again to capture PBA Governors’ Cup titleSPORTSAfter winning title, time for LA Tenorio to give back to Batangas folkWith Blackwater at 4-5, Belo knows how crucial these last few games are for them as they seek to claim those last spots in the quarterfinals.“Every game is a must-win for us. That’s our mindset because we have an opportunity if we win our last games, we have a chance to get to the playoffs,” he said.last_img read more

11 Jan

Rain helps tame N.J. blaze apparently started by flare

first_imgNo deaths or injuries had been attributed to the fire, but at least 13 homes were damaged or destroyed and about 6,000 people were evacuated from 2,500 homes along the border between Ocean and Burlington counties. About 115 people were in shelters Wednesday evening, authorities said. “I didn’t grab anything but the cat and myself, and we scrammed,” said Helen Sura, who spent a sleepless night with her pet, aptly named Smoky, in a Burger King parking lot. A portion of the Garden State Parkway, one of the state’s main north-south routes, was closed briefly Wednesday because dense smoke made it difficult for motorists to see. It was reopened later in the day. Lt. Col. James Garcia, a spokesman for the New Jersey Air National Guard, said the fire was believed to have been started Tuesday afternoon with a flare dropped from an F-16 fighter jet. An investigation continued, he said. The Warren Grove Gunnery Range, about 25 miles north of Atlantic City, was also involved in the accidental strafing in 2004 of an elementary school during a training exercise. LITTLE EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP, N.J. – A rainstorm Wednesday night helped firefighters make progress against a blaze that apparently began when a military jet dropped a flare on a bombing range. Officials were hoping to determine at daybreak whether the blaze had been contained. The thunderstorm rolled into the region during the early evening, just after high winds associated with the storm pushed the fire eastward toward a highway, jeopardizing the road and thousands of homes east of it. “All the reports we are getting are that the fire is laying right down,” said Bert Plante, a spokesman for the New Jersey Forest Fire Service, after the storm began to subside. The fire, which began Tuesday, sent walls of flames 80 to 100 feet high racing toward senior citizen communities. Elderly residents grabbed their pets and fled. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

21 Dec

Chelsea ‘ready to gazump Arsenal and Liverpool to snatch Barca striker’

first_imgChelsea are ready to gazump Arsenal and Liverpool to snatch Barcelona striker David Villa, the Daily Mirror say.It is claimed interim manager Rafael Benitez is planning a £12m raid for his fellow Spaniard.The Daily Mail say Bayer Leverkusen striker Andre Schurrle remains a serious target but Villa is available, possibly on loan until the end of the season, which means he would not interfere with Chelsea’s long-term pursuit of Radamel Falcao.Frank Lampard has been told his Chelsea career is over and that he can find a new club in January, according to The Sun.A source is quoted as saying: “Frank is absolutely distraught. He wants to keep playing for Chelsea but they’ve told him to find another club in the January transfer window.“He can’t believe it. All he wants to do is play for Chelsea. This club means everything to him.”The Daily Star say John Terry’s contract will not be renewed because club owner Roman Abamovch has not forgiven the captain and Lampard for failing to back former boss Andre Villas-Boas.Meanwhile, QPR chairman Tony Fernandes is determined to deliver the signing of Newcastle striker Demba Ba for manager Harry Redknapp, the Mirror reports.It is claimed Fernandes is prepared to include a clause in any deal allowing Ba to leave for a minimal fee if he joins Rangers and they are subsequently relegated.This page is regularly updated. YTo4OntzOjk6IndpZGdldF9pZCI7czoyMDoid3lzaWphLW5sLTEzNTI0NjE4NjkiO3M6NToibGlzdHMiO2E6MTp7aTowO3M6MToiMyI7fXM6MTA6Imxpc3RzX25hbWUiO2E6MTp7aTozO3M6MjI6Ildlc3QgTG9uZG9uIFNwb3J0IGxpc3QiO31zOjEyOiJhdXRvcmVnaXN0ZXIiO3M6MTc6Im5vdF9hdXRvX3JlZ2lzdGVyIjtzOjEyOiJsYWJlbHN3aXRoaW4iO3M6MTM6ImxhYmVsc193aXRoaW4iO3M6Njoic3VibWl0IjtzOjMzOiJTdWJzY3JpYmUgdG8gb3VyIGRhaWx5IG5ld3NsZXR0ZXIiO3M6Nzoic3VjY2VzcyI7czoyODM6IlRoYW5rIHlvdSEgUGxlYXNlIGNoZWNrIHlvdXIgaW5ib3ggaW4gb3JkZXIgdG8gY29uZmlybSB5b3VyIHN1YnNjcmlwdGlvbi4gSWYgeW91IGRvbid0IHNlZSBhbiBlLW1haWwgZnJvbSB1cywgY2hlY2sgeW91ciBzcGFtIGZvbGRlci4gSWYgeW91IHN0aWxsIGhhdmVuJ3QgcmVjZWl2ZWQgYSBjb25maXJtYXRpb24gbWVzc2FnZSwgcGxlYXNlIGUtbWFpbCBmZWVkYmFja0B3ZXN0bG9uZG9uc3BvcnQuY29tIGFuZCB0ZWxsIHVzIHlvdSB3aXNoIHRvIHN1YnNjcmliZSB0byBvdXIgbmV3c2xldHRlci4iO3M6MTI6ImN1c3RvbWZpZWxkcyI7YToxOntzOjU6ImVtYWlsIjthOjE6e3M6NToibGFiZWwiO3M6NToiRW1haWwiO319fQ== Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

20 Dec

Which Warriors are sitting vs. Pelicans?

first_imgKlay Thompson subscribes. You can too for just 11 cents a day for 11 months + receive a free Warriors Championship book. Sign me up!NEW ORLEANS – With the Warriors already cementing the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference, they will rest select core players for injuries both real and possibly exaggerated.The Warriors (56-24) will sit Kevin Durant (flu), Klay Thompson (right knee soreness), Andre Iguodala (left knee soreness) and Andrew Bogut (rest) for Tuesday’s game against the New Orleans …last_img read more

18 Dec

Mateque Pink Cerise Heat Mat, Does the job: -) and is pink:

first_imgFantastic selling price, arrived swift and does a terrific job.I am pretty delighted with the invest in. This item arrived promptly and was exactly as marketed. I am really pleased with the acquire.Inexpensive and cheerful does the work.Key specs for Mateque Pink Cerise Heat Mat for all hair straighteners ghd:Flat Mat to Leave Straighteners on and walk away safely.This is a 100% Mateque heat proof mat with no logo that conforms to BSI StandardsProtects your surfaces against damage from heat generated from your styling productsCan be used for all brands of hair styler or ceramic irons/tongs/wands.Absorbs Heat From Styling ToolComments from buyers” stay in and sign for it as it was easily posted through the letter box, I am very pleased with the purchase, I’d definitely recommend this, Looks great on my dressing table, Does the job: -) and is pink:, serves the purpise”Keep in and signal for it as it was conveniently posted by the letter box. My acquire arrived promptly and no will need to keep in and sign for it as it was easily posted via the letter box.I did not know that heat mats ended up available until eventually a buddy explained to me. Although i do keep in mind to unplug the straighteners i in some cases forget about to shift them off the wood dressing desk. This mat is really cerise but matches on the corner of the dressing table okay. I did check out beneath and it does even now appear to pass heat by – not as significantly obviously as obtaining seriously very hot products remaining on a picket surface but i did hope it to soak up all the heat. Will carry on to use but may possibly look around for a thicker just one later.Does the career: -) and is pink:. Does the career 🙂 and is pink :-).A basic cloth heat mat that seems appealing, colourful, is inexpensive and does the job. Cannot actually question for just about anything much more.Does the task no more burn off marks.Not luxury but does exacty what i want it to do, guard surfaces, so would propose with hesitation.Seems fab in my daughter’s space. Not certain how extended it will very last.Really excellent heat protector mat. Superior price tag & fast shipping.Seems to be wonderful on my dressing table. In essence a piece of felt but it can be a great size and color.Best for my ghd straighteners.This is very good worth, and it is a wonderful color as well.Really like it, really colour, excellent selling price, is effective pretty nicely.Outstanding, my desk is not even sizzling beneath.I might definitely endorse this. Fantastic product, precisely as explained and arrived quite swiftly :-).Slim but effective for putting ghd straight on to although hot.last_img read more