3 May


first_imgCherwell brings you headlines from the past week… George Bush has refused to criticise Israel’s air strike on Syria in response to a terror attack which left 20 people dead. National papers are close to exploding a legal minefield, after hinting at the identity of premiership footballers alleged to have gang-raped a teenage girl. A male contraceptive has proved 100% effective in preliminary clinical trials of hormone injections on 55 men. Dogs were turned into mules last week, after police discovered cocaine sewn into the stomachs of two live labradors. Ben Affleck has denied meeting a woman who is making claims of harassment against him in the wake of media frenzy surrounding the cancellation of his wedding to singer JLo. Celebrities clamoured to congratulate young winner of Pop Idol, Alex Parks, who appeared dazed by her meteoric rise to musical recognition this Saturday. Playful tricks turned nasty for world-famous illusionist Roy, who was mauled by his pet tiger on stage in front of his partner Siegfried and a confused live audience. Sergeant Bilko, the 1950s American comedy series, was named best ever TV sitcom in the Radio Times guide to TV comedy. ARCHIVE: 0th Week MT2003last_img

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