3 May

Police expose counterfeit cigarette shop on Cowley Road

first_imgSkye Humbert, a smoker studying theology at Regents Park College, told Cherwell: “I think no matter which product is being mis- sold, it’s a total betrayal for the consumer. Police used a sniffer dog to locate the thousands of pounds worth of illegal tobacco products, which were hidden behind wall panels. Police seized 1,102 boxes of cigarettes and61 packs of rolling tobacco. The accused pled guilty to the offence and represented himself at his hearing, writing on Facebook: “If you’re guilty, own up and don’t look for excuses.” Police estimate that up to 45 billion fake cigarettes are smoked in the UK every year. Fake cigarettes have been found to include pesticides, arsenic and rat poison. A local shopkeeper has appeared in courtcharged with selling fake cigarettes. The council has described the incident as “brazen” and “a public health menace”. Marlboro Golds were among the products seized. He pled guilty to selling products with incorrect safety labels and fake colouring. The court hearing comes after Cowley Road Department Store was raided in July, following a six-month undercover investigation. “Smoking is a bad habit, but not actually receiving the tobacco from the brand you thought is not only a complete lie, it could be dangerous.” CORRECTION: A previous version of this article claimed that the counterfeit tobacco products were discovered at Euro Supermarket, and that the owner of Euro Supermarket was accused of selling counterfeit tobacco products. In fact, the products were being sold by Cowley Road Department Store, which has since closed down. Euro Supermarket has not been subject to any charges in relation to the sale of counterfeit tobacco products. Cherwell would like to apologise for this error. Cowley Road Department Store on Cowley Road near St Hilda’s was found in possession of approximately £5,000 worth of illegal tobacco products. last_img

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