18 Nov

Sachin Tendulkar’s No.10 jersey retired because players refused to wear it

first_imgIndia woke up to the news of Sachin Tendulkar’s iconic No.10 jersey being retired by the BCCI. Only one player had worn the number since Tendulkar bowed out of international cricket in 2013 and he was brutally trolled.Shardul Thakur wore the jersey earlier this year during his ODI debut in Sri Lanka but the move attracted plenty of attention, all rather negative.However, Thakur clarified he wore the famous jersey – apparently he had something to do with numerology. He explained the reason behind choosing No. 10 saying that the digits of his date of birth (16/10/1991) add up to 28 and 2+8 equals 10.Teammate Rohit Sharma also trolled Thakur on Twitter for wearing the No. 10 jersey.”It’s a very individual choice. If players don’t want to wear a certain number, one can’t force them. ICC might just tell you that a team can’t officially retire a jersey but it would never tell you that it’s mandatory to wear that number,” a BCCI official told PTI.”The BCCI has not taken any such call (retiring the No.10 jersey). It’s a very informal thing among players. Also you don’t want young players to be abused like it happened with Shardul Thakur,” he added referring to the trolling Thakur was subjected to for wearing the number.Earlier, Mumbai Indians had also decided to retire Tendulkar’s No.10 jersey.FIFA does not allow international teams to retire jersey numbers but some clubs have done that in the past.last_img

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