31 Aug

A fashion form reinvented

first_imgHere’s to things of the past that deserve to be brought back with all there culture, heritage and splendor. Designer Niki Mahajan is presently working to revive the almost extinct craft of Lucknow – Badla. Badla is an old Lucknow embroidery where the metal is first stretched for long to get very thin, paper kind density. The strip of metal is then passed through flames to get different colours and then cut into very fine wires. These metal wires are then inserted in the fabric and beaten with a tinny hammers for hours and then embroidered. Considering the amount of time that goes into it, there are just a handful of Badla craftsmen left. To revive the glory of this beautiful metal embroidery, Mahajan has set up a unit in Lucknow where she has employed people associated with this craft and has been successful in revival of this art.last_img

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