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Cascade Chimney Service in Sunriver Wields Impressive Tools

first_img Twitter Cascade Chimney Service in Sunriver Wields Impressive Tools By Jeff Spry CBN Feature Writer Pinterest 0 LinkedIn If your dream of a local chimney sweep involves Dick Van Dyke hopping over the rooftops of London, think again. Cascade Chimney Service in Sunriver wields an impressive array of modern tools to give your flue a proper cleaning.Not quite ready to light a cozy fire as early fall arrives? Owners David and Carrie Thompson believe now is the perfect time to prepare fireplaces and stoves for the upcoming winter months.“We bought the business in 1997 and it’s actually grown since then,” said Carrie.“It’s a nice steady, seasonal business. We give our regular customers a discount to clean it right after the burning season – April, May and June, to balance out the work load during the year and then they’re ready to go in the fall when everyone else is scrambling to find a sweep.“Chimney sweeps are pretty popular in this area because of all the softer pine and juniper woods found herewhich doesn’t break down as well as hardwoods do and leaves a lot of creosote behind. It’s not great for burning but it’s the predominate wood we have to choose from. Your oak, alder and cherry is what you get in the valley and Portland and they burn nice and clean.”The Thompsons suggest residents have their chimneys cleaned once or twice a year depending on the amount of wood used and the specific system. Stoves are becoming much more efficient dispersing heat but it doesn’t necessarily make a difference in annual maintenance.“My husband and sons, Cody and Gage, mostly do chimney, woodstove and pellet stove cleaning, dryer vents and some installations. We used to do masonry repair and more installations but David has now taken on a pastorship in Sunriver so that occupies a lot of his time.”Carrie explains the necessity and perils of neglecting your stove and its pipes.“When you get moisture mixed in with black creosote powder inside your chimney pipes, that’s a dangerous combination and it becomes second degree creosote,” she said. “You don’t want that. It’s sticky and highly flammable. If you’re burning trash, wet wood or wood with a higher moisture content or don’t have a cap on your chimney, that’s where you get that second degree creosote that can cause a major flue fire, ruin your pipes and potentially set your house on fire.”A house call for service by Cascade Chimney Service is a simple but serious affair.“First thing he does when he comes inside is to do a complete inspection of the interior pipe and its connection. They’ll check screws and measurements to make sure it was installed correctly. We see upside down pipes sometimes! Then he tarps off the entire area, climbson the roof, checks clearances around the chimney and sees if it’s free of any branches and trees and obstructions.”State and county clearance regulations vary depending on type of pipe and system since they’re all manufactured differently.“Then David checks the externalcap and scrubs it off, which is the dirtiest part of the system, that and the upper flue. He brushes it off, then hits the chimneyinterior and looks downto ensure there are no popped seams, cracks or evidence of previous chimney fires. Back inside, we clean the glass and window, vacuum everything out and make sure there are no discrepancies in the firebox.”David and Carrie love their customers and feel it’s the best aspect of their dusty enterprise.“We’ve been coming into their homes for 16-17 years and you really get to know them,” she added.“It is a very dirty and dangerous business working with hazardous materials and being up on roofs. Luckily he’s never been injured badly.”When searching for a cleaning or inspection company Carrie recommends always using individuals certified with the OregonChimney Sweep Association, those that stay up to date with rules, regulation and changes within the industry itself.“We are licensed, bonded and insured and cover all of Bend, Sunriver, Lapine and Sisters but we also go out to Paisley and Lakeview once a year to hit those small rural communities.”541-388-3981www.cascadechimney.com Facebook Share. E-Headlines Email Cascade Chimney Service. (LR) Cody Thompson, David Thompson and Gage Thompson Google+ Tumblr on October 16, 2014last_img

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