20 Jul

Minka the AirBnB

first_imgby, Kyrié Carpenter, Managing EditorTweetShareShareEmail0 SharesNestled into the shore of Lake Cayuga in Upstate New York sits the very first Minka.The Minka prototype was created for Haleigh Jane Thomas. Haleigh is now graciously sharing her Minka through Airbnb. Any Tribes of Eden fans out there? This is your chance to be hosted by the amazing, Jude Meyers Thomas. The real-life version of Jude lives up to and surpasses her namesake character. Her immense gift for hospitality and kindness radiate when you are with her. Jude is the heart of the Thomas family innovations. It all started with The Eden Alternative, then GreenHouse and now Minka.When asked why to put Haleigh’s Minka on AirBnB Jude replied,“Minka should be out there for everyone to share. I believe Haleigh Jane believes in Minka and wants to help her family get this business off the ground, by showing the world what a home for people of all ages and abilities looks like.”The fun part, said Jude, is that the first guests were perfect guinea pigs. They knew nothing about the Minka or Haleigh Jane’s story before booking a visit. They found the Minka on Airbnb. The first guests knew nothing of the philosophy or history of Minka. For them, it was a lovely place to stay on the lake that met their needs. The experiences so far have been “amazing!” Jude said.“I have always loved meeting new people and learning people’s story,” Jude shared. “I love seeing people’s reaction to the Minka. Everyone who has come has been in awe of the space and the Minka itself. I keep hearing people say ‘everything we need is right here’. It is a very positive affirmation about the work we have done.”The beauty of universal design is that it fits everyone. This Minka was made for Haleigh and her specific lifestyle and needs. It suits the needs of those she is sharing it with thanks to Universal Design.Who should come and stay at Haleigh’s Minka? “Anyone and everyone!” Jude exclaimed. “It is open to all people of varying ages, different abilities and all walks of life. All are welcome and encouraged to come. I especially encourage those who are playing around with the idea, ‘I want to simplify my life.” Come, stay and live out the dream. See if it fits.”Minka is a tool to create a community that is MAGIC-al ( Multi-Ability, multi-Generational, Inclusive, Community). The first Minka is doing this through being a get-away for Haleigh and Airbnb guests. Each Minka will have its own story. Each Minka will have a way it contributes to bringing about the world the Thomas family have been working for decades to manifest. How will your Minka be a part of this story? Book a stay now or reserve your spot in the production queue and start dreaming.Related PostsThe Minka Factory Opens Its DoorsJust outside of Ithaca, New York in a newly constructed warehouse. Sandwiched between a local solar company and a Lime Bike depot is another innovative and earth-friendly neighbor. The very first Minka factory rolled open it’s doors earlier this month. Zach Thomas, Director of Manufacturing and master builder Jeremy Andrews…Minka MAGIC Homes and CommunitiesNationally renowned aging expert Dr. Bill Thomas unveiled today the first-of-its-kind robotic prefabricated Minka house built on the University of Southern Indiana (USI) campus in less than a week featuring universal design accessibility and advanced manufacturing technology.Grateful Changemakers: ChangingAgingAll of ChangingAging’s performances, all of our advocacy, all of our innovation is driven at its core by love. Love is the driving force behind combating ageism.TweetShareShareEmail0 SharesTags: Airbnb jude Minkalast_img

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