17 Jan

Tool storage

first_imgHome gardeners who don’t plan to plant fall crops should pack away their tools for the winter, says a University of Georgia gardening expert.“Gardening tools and supplies are expensive,” said Tony Johnson, horticulturist at the UGA Research and Education Garden in Griffin, Ga. “With a little care and forethought, you can help your tools last from season to season.”Garden hosesIrrigation is essential to growing the greenest grass or the biggest squash. To make sure your garden hoses are ready for next spring, Johnson says to drain all the water from hoses and sprinklers. Allow the hoses to thoroughly dry before storing them for the winter.“It’s better not to leave your hoses outside on the ground over the winter,” he said. “If you live in area where the temperatures drop to freezing and below, any water left in the hoses can turn to ice, expand and crack or slit inexpensive hoses.”To keep insects from hibernating in hoses, Johnson recommends connecting the hose ends to close any openings. You can buy hose hangers, but eco-friendly Johnson believes in recycling whenever he can.“Just nail an old tire rim or a coffee can to the wall of your shed and wrap the hose around the form,” he said. “You don’t want to just hand the hose on a nail. The weight of the hose will cause the nail to create a permanent kink.” A fertilizer or pesticide sprayer should be cleaned before being stored. Triple-rinse the sprayer with water or a little ammonia and check the hose tip for debris before storing the sprayer for the season. Mower and tillerWhen your mower has cut its last grass blade for the summer, it should be cleaned and drained of any remaining fuel.“It’s best not to store gas in your mower over the winter,” Johnson said. “You can add a gasoline stabilizer, but I just turn on the gas shutoff value and run the mower until it quits.”Use a siphon pump to remove as much of the fuel as possible. “Next, take the spark plug out, add a little oil and replace the spark plug,” Johnson said. “Some people recommend replacing the spark plug every season, but I just clean mine. Why fix what isn’t broken.” InventoryThe end of the summer gardening season is also the perfect time to make an inventory of any tools you need to replace or wish you had. “Then you have a head start on your Christmas list,” said Johnson, who bares a striking physical resemblance to St. Nick.As a last reminder, Johnson says be sure to store all rakes with the teeth pointing down. “I always say ‘teeth up or teeth out.’ But all joking aside, stepping on an exposed rake can be very dangerous, especially for children.”center_img Simple gardening toolsShovels, hoes, shears and rakes should be thoroughly cleaned with soap and water before being stored. Use steel wool to clean the metal portion of your tools, wipe dry and coat with linseed oil, he said.“Run a little sandpaper over the rough edges of the wooden handles to smooth down any splintered spots,” Johnson said. “Cover the handles with a light coating of WD-40 or all-purpose machine oil to keep them from drying and splitting.”To save time in the spring, sharpen tool edges before storing. Before storing your mower, clean the underside of the deck with a pressure washer and scrap off any old grass or debris, he said. “If you don’t plan to use your tiller plow until the spring, drain the fuel from it and clean it, too,” Johnson said. “I tend to use mine in flower beds all year round.”last_img read more

30 Dec

U.S. biathlete makes history

first_imgLowell Bailey of Lake Placid, New York became the first ever American, male or female, to win gold at the International Biathlon Union World Championship. The biathlon is the only winter sport the U.S. had failed to win gold for in the Olympics or World Championships until now. Bailey finished the 20-kilometer race in 48 minutes 7.4 seconds just 3.3 seconds faster than second place and 21 seconds faster than the 11-time world champion Martin Fourcade. The New Yorker hit all 20 targets only three other competitors managed the same.At 35, Bailey is one of the oldest athletes competing at the top level. Although this win was the highlight of his championships, he also finished fourth in the sprint, and sixth the pursuit. The three-time Olympian, soon to be four time, trains at the Maine Winter Sports Center in Fort Kent, Maine.last_img read more

20 Dec

Brazilians Show They Know How To Fight

first_img BRAZIL ……. GOOD IN FIGHTS Brazil is not only the country of soccer, but also the art of fighting. The 5th Military World Games helped to show that boxing and martial arts (judo and taekwondo) have widespread popularity in the country and they have achieved good results. In Rio de Janeiro, together, these events have ensured the hosts 28 medals, 12 of them gold. Of the three combat sports, the most successful has been judo. The Brazilians have won five gold, four silvers and three bronzes. On the military team, there were many athletes from the Olympic team, and the CISM games served as a preparation for the Olympics in London next year. “I am very happy with our performance. Not only me, but the whole team showed that Brazilian judo is strong and can face any opponent,” said Luciano Correa, who on Saturday won the gold medal in judo in the 100kg. weight class. Taekwondo has also yielded good results for Brazil, with three gold, four silvers and three bronzes. The last gold medal was also won on Saturday by Deborah Nunes in the 73kg. weight class. “The results of the military team show that taekwondo is a sport that has great potential in Brazil. We have an Olympic medalist (Nathália Falavigna, bronze in Beijing) and we have the capacity to train more athletes. We have to invest more,” said Nunes. Four golds in a single day Boxing also yielded outstanding results. On the last day of competition, Brazil won four gold medals in the sport. The winners were Gidelson Oliveira, in the 91kg weight class, Robenílson Jesus, in the 56kg weight class, Robson Conceição in the 60kg weight class, and Everton Lopes, in the 64kg weight class. All are sergeants in the Army. “I thank the Armed Forces who gave us a great opportunity for training. We traveled to many tournaments. We trained during the last two years to fight our best in Rio,” said Robenílson Jesus, who was born in Bahia and trains in São Paulo. Brazil topped the medals boards in all three events. By Dialogo July 24, 2011last_img read more

17 Dec

Credit union cybersecurity: What you need to know about TLS changes

first_img 36SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Cybersecurity is in the forefront of all business owners’ minds. As we become more interconnected, we open ourselves to more potential breaches. This concern is especially prominent in the financial sector. When you’re talking about member’s hard earned dollars, there’s no room for error. There is an imminent deadline approaching that credit unions need to be aware of as it relates to credit union cybersecurity: An authentication protocol called TLS.TLS 1.0 was established in 1990, as a way to secure communications between machines, such as communication and transactions between a member’s browser and their credit union desktop and mobile banking, as well as between credit union servers and their credit union technology vendors. The protocol has been increasingly vulnerable to hackers and cyber-attacks and is particularly a threat to mobile and internet banking breaches, as well as file transfers between credit union machines and their core vendor. Due to its age, there are no fixes or patches that are able to repair TLS 1.0, leading the PCI Security Council to withdraw support of the archaic protocol effective June 30, 2018, opting instead for merchants and banks to upgrade to the more current versions TLS 1.1 and 1.2.This TLS mandate is impacting credit unions directly. The credit bureaus, and other major players, are requiring updated TLS security, and many small to mid-size credit unions use servers that don’t support TLS. Upgrading a server is expensive, but the risks associated with being out of scope on security can be detrimental. Now more than ever it is imperative to ensure your core and technology vendors stay ahead of the curve and are supplying you with the information you need to plan and budget for necessary changes. continue reading »last_img read more

17 Dec

Specialized strategic planning software

first_img continue reading » 14SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr It’s costing you money to stick with the status quo.According to an article in the Harvard Business Review, 67 percent of well-formulated strategic plans fail. Unfortunately, there’s a correlation between organizations that don’t achieve their goals and the number of companies that still use Excel or another spreadsheet to develop, implement, track and monitor their strategic plans.If your credit union is part of this group still using Excel, you’re not alone. According to The Planning Survey done by BARC Research, Excel is still the most widely used software for planning. However, of the 86 percent of organizations in the world that use Excel for planning, well over half of those users are not satisfied with the software, and only a quarter of users would recommend it to others. Why continue to use a tool you know doesn’t work, but still expect better results next year?last_img read more

16 Dec

White People, It’s OK to Not Feel Guilty About Police Killing Black People

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York By Michael “Manny Faces” ConfortiLook. There are plenty of good, hard-working, God-fearing, tax-paying white people in America, many who self-proclaim to not be one bit racist but who just don’t agree with the #BlackLivesMatter movement or 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance or interracial marriages, whatever…You might be one of them. I’m here to tell you that it’s perfectly OK.After all. All lives matter, not just black ones, right? I mean, sure, some black folks have gotten the short end of the nightstick in life, but most of ’em are just like you and me. If we work hard and pull ourselves up by the bootstraps, anything is possible! They ought to know—they even got themselves a half-black president!So I understand. Sure, you feel bad when someone is killed by police, but white people get killed by police way more! (Maybe not percentage-wise, but still!) And please, we all know there’s not a racist bone in your body. You didn’t own slaves! Why should you be made to feel bad because some black guy might not have complied with the potentially unconstitutional commands of a police officer and was, as tradition seems to dictate, summarily executed where he stood?I mean, Blue Lives Matter too, right?Besides, what about all that black-on-black crime happening in their communities? No one (except for lots of people) is talking about that! All the drugs and gangs and crime and rap music in neighborhoods that for years have been shut out of any possibility of advancement due to racist practices in nearly every sector of our fine, fair society from banking, to housing, to education, to healthcare, to criminal justice, to voting rights, to redlining, to Rockefeller drug laws…Come on, black people! Bootstraps, remember?!?So I get it. All of this nonsense on cable news and social media about #HandsUpDontShoot and #BlackLivesMatter and kneeling during the Pledge is, like, so annoying, especially when you want to read about Brangelina breaking up (if you’re a woman) or Donald Trump’s latest list of reasons why his business experience will help make America great again (if you’re “the poorly educated”).Shoot. If you wanted to hear black people complaining, you would just ask a few to talk about the amount of times they were unconstitutionally stopped and frisked, amirite?So listen. When your token black friend or your traitorous white one wants to pin the entire failure of black families and communities on YOUR shoulders, and make you feel bad about [insert most recent black person shot and killed and left to bleed out by so-called law enforcement officers], I want you to remember: You don’t have to feel bad.He was probably not complying. And, as we all know, when anyone doesn’t comply with the police, that’s grounds for execution.Just look at the recent Chelsea bomber who shot at…Oh, no, wait…Ok, ok. Look at these 8 white people who actually pointed guns at police and…Oh. Wait. Never mind…Anyway, the point is: Don’t feel bad. Our law enforcement officers risk their lives to keep our communities safe and they ticket other communities for all kinds of infractions to make sure they raise enough money to keep our communities safe! They deserve our respect and support.The next time you get attacked on Facebook for defending the actions of an officer who “mistook” his handgun for a Taser, make sure you nitpick the confusing details of the encounter, blame the victim, place no culpability on the officers (who, come on, shouldn’t be expected to be able to subdue an unarmed, non-aggressive suspect without shooting them! What is this, England?) and sardonically mention that “you’re sorry” the black person is dead.But you better make sure you completely miss the point that this tragedy is yet another example of the interconnected set of social systems that have caused the problems in the communities these officers have to work in, the same system that hires and trains officers to enforce these racist policies, upholding what is clearly a system set up to benefit those with power and hold back those without it so that they can never achieve true equality.Please keep ignoring that these policies are tools of oppression, which, of course, you wouldn’t want to agree with because it would tarnish your carefully-crafted-and-protected-through-the-centuries notion of white privilege and self-worth, so you’d rather sit in denial, place blame on “others” and, quite frankly, happily and with no remorse, support a system of white supremacy.And that is perfectly OK.Enjoy it while it lasts.last_img read more

8 Dec

Local business survey helping determine communities’ needs

first_imgBroome County’s Industrial Development Agency, or more commonly known as just ‘The Agency’, is sending out a second local business survey to find out what those needs are. Duncan says more than 12-hundred businesses filled out the initial survey which helped them develop a targeted loan program. Due to coronavirus guidelines constantly shifting, the group says it made sense to them to conduct another survey. The Agency’s Executive Director Stacey Duncan said, “We know there’s a lot we don’t know, there’s a lot of uncertainty. So, I felt it was a good time to reach back out and take the temperature of our businesses and say ‘how are you doing right now, how have you managed to weather the storm over the last few months’ and ‘what are those things that we could look to become a resource for you’.”center_img The survey asks two questions; How are you doing right now, and how can the Department help you? (WBNG) — Economic Development agencies are trying to determine what the biggest needs in their communities are in the midst of the pandemic. last_img read more

20 Oct

Focus on stopping the next shooting spree

first_imgThey offer prayers and platitudes that are quickly forgotten, instead of working to enact policies to help defend a nation that is constantly under attack from its not-so-well-regulated militia.Americans don’t need another debate on “gun control.”What’s needed is a dispassionate discussion about specific policies that can save lives.For instance, the Sutherland Springs shooter was reportedly convicted of domestic violence and received a one-year sentence.If true, this should have disqualified him from passing a background check, but it didn’t.Discovering what went wrong — and fixing it — can help stop future murderers.After the massacre at Virginia Tech in 2007, Congress passed and President George W. Bush signed a law aimed at getting mental health records into the background system. Categories: Editorial, OpinionThe following editorial appears on Bloomberg View:There are many unanswered questions about the man who on Sunday shot and killed at least 26 people at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.In the days ahead, more facts will emerge. But the most common question — could anything have been done to stop him? — will also be the most difficult to answer, the most hotly debated, and the most irrelevant for public policy.If the goal is to stop future shooting sprees — and it should be — the right question to ask is simple: What steps can be taken to reduce their likelihood?Nothing can change what happened, and no law can stop every murderous madman.But by examining data and evidence, there are ways to increase the chances that future plots can be foiled, and to mitigate the harm that the successful ones inflict.That’s why Congress banned fully automatic rifles, for instance, and created the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.Both have saved countless lives.The trouble is, whenever such a mass shooting occurs, elected officials who fear the gun lobby pretend that nothing more can be done.center_img But gaps still exist. Sunday’s shooting spree again highlights how a functioning background check system is as much a management issue as a policy one.Sunday’s massacre should also prompt elected officials to contemplate two facts.One, mass shootings are often committed by domestic abusers.And two, in states where background checks are required on all handgun sales, as opposed to states where they are required only at registered gun dealers, 47 percent fewer women are shot to death by intimate partners.Americans do not elect representatives to pray for them, nor to kneel at the gun lobby’s altar.But until voters demand a more active and urgent response from Washington and state capitols, funeral bells from mass killings will continue to ring across the land.More from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censuslast_img read more

26 Sep

Man Utd join race for Victor Osimhen

first_img Lille forward, Loic Remy, had described his partnership with Osimhen as a good one, and he also hailed the attributes of the Nigerian star. Osimhen is currently Lille’s highest-scoring player in the French top-flight with 11 goals in 22 games this campaign and the 33-year-old is full of praise for the deep understanding they have forged together. “When I play upfront with him, I feel the complementarity. He’s physical and quick,” Remy told the Ligue 1 website. “He fights for every ball. I was fast (laughs), less so now. I feel comfortable with him playing as a second forward. With a certain game intelligence, I manage to create space for myself with my movement. Read Also:Ighalo, Osimhen, battle for 2019 Nigeria Pitch Awards “For now, it’s a good partnership. Victor has played more of his games as a lone forward. I spoke about things to the coach, and he told me he had the strike partnership in mind. Against Nimes and Strasbourg, it worked pretty well.” FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 United boss, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, is seeking fresh goalscoring power and has turned to young Nigerian Osimhen, reports Le 10 Sport. Discovered by Lille sports chief Luis Campos last summer from Charleroi, Osimhen was signed for €12m less than a year ago. But he could now be sold on for seven times that amount. Lille would be prepared to sell this summer if offers exceeding the €80m Arsenal paid for Nicolas Pepe 12 months ago arrive. Along with United, Real Madrid and Barcelona have also made contact with Lille to register their interest.Advertisement Loading… Promoted ContentWhich Country Is The Most Romantic In The World?It Looks Like An Ordinary Doughnut, But It Glows In The Dark!Top 10 Disney Male Role ModelsTop 8 Most Fun Sylvester Stallone MoviesBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For ThemEver Thought Of Sleeping Next To Celebs? This Guy Will Show YouWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?The 10 Best Secondary Education Systems In The World5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme ParksThe Best Cars Of All TimeYou’ve Only Seen Such Colorful Hairdos In A Handful Of AnimeThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read More Manchester United have added Nigeria and Lille striker, Victor Osimhen, to their summer shopping list in a bid to boost Red Devils attacking formation.last_img read more

23 Sep

Lady Trojans Winners Over Lady Spartans

first_imgECVB traveled to Connersville last night for a conference match-up.  EC won 25-19, 25-12 & 12-11.  We started slow and were playing just good enough to win in set one. Set two started slow, but they finally found their groove and didn’t let up from that point forward. It started with stronger, more precise serving and from there we were able to run our offense behind a strong backcourt led by Alex Disbro.    Varsity is now 14-6 on the season and 6-0 in the EIAC. Next up: Muncie Central Invite on Saturday.East Cental vs Connersville 9-26-19Courtesy of Trojans Coach Cassie Laker.ECVB JV vs. Connersville Lady Spartans winning 25-15  25-8. In tonight’s victory over the Lady Spartans, ECVB was able to capture a victory and begin the uphill battle once again to continuous victories. I am proud of their effort in tonight’s match for it seemed a lot more heartfelt and purposeful in more times than not. Before the match even began we talked about playing for an opportunity. In other words, we wanted to perform so well that opportunity was available for some of the Freshmen who don’t always get the chance during the JV game. The girls were able to do so, therefore, I am happy to say everyone saw the court tonight. We have a win back under our belt, now it is time to continue that streak and continue to prepare for EIAC tournament time.   ECVB JV is 12-7 on the season and 6-1 in the EIAC.  Next up, ECVB is at Springboro, OH on Oct 3rd starting at 5:30. Courtesy of Trojans Coach Josie Andres.last_img read more