31 Aug

EDITORIAL – Politics without compassion

first_imgLast week the Broward County School Board took a bold step by unanimously passing a resolution to protect  students being sought by immigration agents for detention, and possibly deportation. The resolution states that if agents want to enter a county school for information, on, or remove a student, they must be authorized by a county judge.The school board and the Palm Beach County School district, have also taken steps to protect students from immigration officers, and the Miami-Dade School Board that is scheduled to vote on a similar measure as adapted by the Broward School board, must be commended for their courageous actions.The respective school officials will likely attract criticism from proponents of the recent harsh federal immigration policies. They’ll likely be criticized for impeding the work of immigration authorities. These critics could argue that it’s against recently declared federal policy for these schools to protect, or offer sanctuary, to undocumented students. The critics could base this argument on policies of the  new administration in Washington DC, that implicitly make it illegal for the cities were these schools are located to be sanctuary cities that shelter undocumented immigrants from detention and deportation.However, these school officials have shown the kind of compassion often lacking from the policies of the politicians now leading all sectors of government in Washington.Compassion is a quality that’s never lost by most migrants from the Caribbean. Caribbean people are accustomed to sharing food and even their last dollar with their poorer neighbors; assist those neighbors when they are sick, and hold their hand in the midst of tribulation.This could be the reason why most of these migrants register as Democrats when they become US citizens. In the Democratic Party, they tend to recognize politicians who concerned with treating their constituents with compassion.Most Caribbean-Americans cannot relate or even understand a party that is based on an ideology called Conservatism. Most find it difficult to fathom how Conservatives –  people who readily profess their Christian faith, seek to impose policies devoid of compassion, and oppose policies with inherent compassionate component.It’s the Conservatives who are opposed to Social Security and Medicare, policies implemented by governments led by the Democratic party to provide for seniors after they retire. It’s Conservatives who oppose food stamps to help the poor purchase food; who oppose government funded milk for mothers and babies; who oppose clinics providing healthcare to poor women; who oppose quality public schools; who oppose a federal  programs that assists low-income people to purchase a home for the first time; and it’s Conservatives who want to deny millions of Americans the means of affording much needed healthcare.Conservatives interpret compassion as a social weakness they have labelled as Socialism. Conservatives believe the state has no right to help those in need because the poor also live in an open capitalist society, which theoretically offers opportunities for everyone to become self-sufficient. But these Conservatives do little to make this theory become reality.And now, Conservatives find little wrong with immigration agents targeting undocumented immigrant families across South Florida, and the rest of the United States, for detention and deportation even if they are otherwise law-abiding. Conservatives see nothing wrong with immigration agents snatching parents in the presence of their child or children, carting the parents away to be deported. Conservatives see no wrong in students returning home to find their parents are gone, detained for deportation. Conservatives don’t even care about the welfare of these sudden parentless children. Where is the compassion? There seems to hardly any, because they are Conservatives.One hopes more organizations will act similarly to the Broward School Board in having compassion for undocumented children and families. One hopes those responsible for making laws and policies find compassion to consider the pain meted out to low-income families, those trying to help themselves, and to undocumented immigrants striving to be legally documented, in creating these laws and policies. A little compassion could make a real difference in this “land of the free.”last_img read more

14 Aug

USA vs. Russia: Arthur Kaliyev, Nick Robertson score six seconds apart, lead U.S. to win at World Juniors

first_imgTwo superpowers with long histories — Miracle on Ice, anyone? — hit the ice Sunday for a 2020 IIHF World Juniors preliminary game with major Group B implications. When the clock hit zeroes at the end of the third period, the Americans clinched not only their fifth consecutive victory over Russia at the world junior level with a 3-1 win but have now taken the No. 1 spot in the pool.The two teams entered the game locked up in a tight race with every single team in Group B, aka the “Group of Death.” Through the first three days of the tournament, each team had won one and lost one, meaning you could easily win the group or fall to fifth and need to avoid relegation. Powered by two goals from Arthur Kaliyev and a dominating performance from Spencer Knight in net, the United States holds the cards. After giving up six goals to Canada in the first game of the tournament , Knight looked solid in net. The Florida Panthers’ 2019 first-round pick made 25 saves on 26 shots attempts, including at least eight from the high-danger area. The shot total could have been a lot higher, however, as Team USA players were sacrificing the body by blocking shots, especially late in the game when trying to preserve the two-goal lead.USA head coach Scott Sandelin united Kaliyev and Trevor Zegras in this one and it paid off ten-fold as Zegras assisted on both goals by the Hamilton Bulldogs (OHL) forward. Prior to the game, ESPN’s Chris Peters reported Kaliyev and Zegras have a history playing together dating back to their peewee days. Toronto Maple Leafs prospect Nick Robertson scored the second U.S. goal — just six seconds after Kaliyev made it 1-0 and tying a record for two quickest goals by the same team in tournament history. Roberston connected with Oliver Wahlstrom for the goal and the Bridgeport Sound Tigers (AHL) forward has assisted on both of the Toronto Maple Leaf prospect’s goals in the tournament. Alexander Romanov (Montreal Canadiens) netted the lone goal for Russia that saw netminder Amir Miftakhov get chased after the third American goal. Russia wraps up the preliminary round on New Year’s Eve against Germany and all eyes will be on the net and who gets the call. Yaroslav Askarov, who many have tapped as the No. 1 goaltender at the 2020 draft, came in on Sunday and looked solid in net after being pulled against the Czechs in the team’s first game.The United States finishes preliminary action on Monday against the Czech Republic.Sporting News had all the action as the two premier teams battle for the top of Group B at the 2020 IIHF World Junior Championship.USA vs. Russia results, highlights from 2020 World Juniors(All times are Eastern)Final score: USA 3, Russia 13:30 p.m. — Montreal Canadiens prospect Alexander Romanov named Russia’s player of the game. Goaltender and Florida Panthers draftee Spencer Knight named the Americans player of the game.#USAvsRUS Players of the game🇷🇺 Alexander Romanov🇺🇸 Spencer Knight #WorldJuniors pic.twitter.com/Vun8uYWc57— Here’s Your Replay ⬇️ (@HeresYourReplay) December 29, 2019Third period: USA 3, Russia 13:29 p.m — USA holds on to win and are now first in Group B.Group B’s current standings. @usahockey #WorldJuniors pic.twitter.com/6Xzj5RzFSN— NHL Network (@NHLNetwork) December 29, 20193:29 p.m. — Some big blocks by the Americans and you can hear the bench cheer on each of them.3:27 p.m. — In the end, Russia will have a 6-on-4 with 57 seconds remaining. Ford called for high-sticking, Voronkov for roughing and Curtis Hall for roughing.3:24 p.m. — Parker Ford with a big block and then nails Alexander Khovanov with a hard hit up high. Russia’s Dmitri Voronkov goes after Ford with a big-time facewash. Parker Ford gets called for high-sticking, and we’ve got some chippiness after the whistle 👀 pic.twitter.com/JQPf7cXZAH— TSN (@TSN_Sports) December 29, 20193:24 p.m. — Ninety seconds left and the Russians are staying to the outside.3:22 p.m. — USA calls a timeout as the faceoff will be deep in their own end with two minutes and five seconds remaining and Russia pulling its netminder.3:16 p.m. — Back to even strength and with just under five minutes remaining it’s 3-1 USA.3:15 p.m. — Americans blocking shots left and right on the penalty kill as Mattias Samuelsson and Jack Drury lay their bodies on the line.🇺🇸 having a block party. #WorldJuniors pic.twitter.com/v14URMwPaj— Here’s Your Replay ⬇️ (@HeresYourReplay) December 29, 20193:12 p.m. — Russia heads to the power play as Spencer Stastney is called for tripping. The Russian power play has yet to score a goal in the tournament.3:11 p.m. — Big high-danger chance by Parker Ford as the power play expires. Askarov sticks out the leg and makes the save to keep it a two-goal game.3:09 p.m. — Bad pass by the US springs Nikita Alexandrov but the wrister from the right circle by the St. Louis Blues prospect is stopped by Spencer Knight.3:07 p.m. — USA heads to the power play as Yegor Sokolov takes out an American at center ice and the puck was nowhere to be seen.3:04 p.m. — Russia gets a good chance on the short side as Dmitri Voronkov takes a shot that Spencer Knight can’t control and it pops out for a secondary chance.2:59 p.m. — A few USA Hockey notes : The two goals from the second period tied a World Juniors record for fastest two goals by the same team and Kaliyev’s first goal of the night was the 1,200th in USA Men’s National Junior Team history2:56 p.m. — GOAL. Montreal Canadiens prospect Alexander Romanov with the one-timer from between the top of the circles. USA leads 3-1.Alexander Romanov gets the Russians on the board early in the third! pic.twitter.com/8ywXoJyjhy— TSN (@TSN_Sports) December 29, 20192:53 p.m. — Amir Miftakhov is pulled after letting that one in. Top 2020 goaltending prospect Yaroslav Askarov gets between the pipes.2:52 p.m. — GOAL. The #ArtyParty rolls on as Arthur Kaliyev snaps it from the top of the left circle and it rolls through the wickets of Miftakhov. USA leads 3-1.Arthur Kaliyev with his second of the game 👀 pic.twitter.com/52kIqnUhDz— TSN (@TSN_Sports) December 29, 20192:50 p.m. — Third period underway.Second period: USA 2, Russia 02:34 p.m. — Lots of pushing and shoving at the buzzer as Oliver Wahlstrom and Nikita Rtishev say hello and Rtishev throws a non-contact head butt.2:32 p.m. — USA heads back to the power play as Dmitri Voronkov is called for holding.2:31 p.m. — Russia comes super close to getting one back but good defense by Shane Pinto to pick up the stick at the last second.2:29 p.m. — GOAL. Seconds later — six to be exact — right off the faceoff, Oliver Wahlstrom sends the puck across and it bounces off Nick Robertson’s skate and bounces past Amir Miftakhov. A quick turn of events in the Czech Republic. USA leads 2-0.Right off the draw, Nick Robertson scores just six seconds after the first USA goal 💀 pic.twitter.com/2U4P3U0YOo— TSN (@TSN_Sports) December 29, 20192:29 p.m. — PP GOAL. Trevor Zegras with a perfect cross-seam pass to Arthur Kaliyev for the one-timer. USA leads 1-0.Trevor Zegras to Arthur Kaliyev gets the Americans on the board! pic.twitter.com/qcNbju1Be7— TSN (@TSN_Sports) December 29, 20192:27 p.m. — Russia gets a shorthanded chance that goes off the pipe.2:25 p.m. — Even strength again . . . for a short amount of time. USA back to the power play as Beecher is tripped.2:24 p.m. — Somehow the Russians do not score as they swarm the crease; bodies flying around the net including a diving Jack Drury to protect the open net. Spencer Knight comes up with some big pad stops.. @slknight30 is on 🔥🔥🔥 #USAWJC | #WorldJuniors pic.twitter.com/3RkWsk58P6— NHL Network (@NHLNetwork) December 29, 20192:23 p.m. — Spencer Stastney called for slashing and Russia gets another power-play chance.2:18 p.m. — Back to even strength. Lots of shots being blocked in this game by both teams.2:14 p.m. — USA heads to the power play and will try to breakthrough.2:08 p.m. —  Just before the penalties, Shane Pinto takes a stick to the neck; it looks like a flying one from one of the Russians. He has a red mark on his neck but is fine as Ottawa Senators GM Pierre Dorion looks on from the stands.You gotta watch out for flying sticks.🇺🇸 Shane Pinto gets this one right in the throat. #WorldJuniors pic.twitter.com/3NsQYL2OJR— Here’s Your Replay ⬇️ (@HeresYourReplay) December 29, 20192:07 p.m. — Oliver Wahlstrom and Dmitri Vornkov called for coincidental minors as they wrestle each other to the ice. 2:05 p.m. — John Beecher is back on the ice and his linemate Alex Turcotte gets a good scoring chance.2:04 p.m. — Jack Drury blocks a shot right off the inside of the left skate and limps off.2:04 p.m. — Russian does not score on the power play and it’s still scoreless in Ostrava.2:01 p.m. — Nick Robertson loses the puck in the offensive zone and trips the Russian defender. Skate 4-on-4 until the Russian’s get another power-play opportunity.2:00 p.m — Puck dropped on the second period.1:48 p.m. —  USA will have 1:43 of power-play time to work with when the second period starts.1:45 p.m. — Don’t believe John Beecher played the last five minutes of the period after taking that hard hit. We’ll see if he returns for the second.First period: USA 0, Russia 01:40 p.m. — USA heads to the power play. Shane Pinto gets crushed in center ice by Danil Misyul. The New Jersey Devils draft pick gets two and 10.🇷🇺 Danil Misyul hit on 🇺🇸 Shane Pinto.2+10 min. contact to the head penalty pic.twitter.com/Z85pfH7zdZ— Here’s Your Replay ⬇️ (@HeresYourReplay) December 29, 20191:38 p.m. — Big check on Bobby Brink in front of the Russian bench by Nikita Alexandrov.🇷🇺 Nikita Alexandrov hit on 🇺🇸 Bobby Brink. #WorldJuniors pic.twitter.com/mBimWvxBBd— Here’s Your Replay ⬇️ (@HeresYourReplay) December 29, 20191:33 p.m. — John Beecher gets hit hard by Alexander Romanov in open-ice in the defensive end and is in some discomfort.🇷🇺 Alexander Romanov with the hit on 🇺🇸 John Beecher. #WorldJuniors pic.twitter.com/4XLZZDq9Em— Here’s Your Replay ⬇️ (@HeresYourReplay) December 29, 20191:26 p.m. — USA kills off the four-minute penalty kill.USA kills off the double-minor. Key saves by Spencer Knight (FLA) and a big blocked shot by John Beecher (BOS) keep Russia scoreless on the PP. Excellent work by Ty Emberson (ARI) on the kill as well.— Chris Peters (@chrismpeters) December 29, 20191:23 p.m. — Spencer Knight big, smart save on Kirill Marchenko (Columbus draft pick). Spencer Stastney forcing the shot for a perfectly positioned Knight to stop.Spencer Stastney and #TeamUSA shutting down Russia’s power play. #USAWJC @usahockey pic.twitter.com/OjWo6lfJPc— NHL Network (@NHLNetwork) December 29, 20191:19 p.m. — Russia heads to the power play for four minutes on two slashing calls to Arthur Kaliyev. They are 0-for-8 in the tournament.1:15 p.m. — Still scoreless as the penalty ends.1:14 p.m. — Americans get a couple of rebound chances in tight on Miftakhov but can’t get it past him on the power play.1:12 p.m. — On the breakout, Alexander Khovanov finishes a late check and is called for the penalty.1:11 p.m. — USA springs out 2-on-1 but John Beecher and Alex Turcotte cannot connect.1:09 p.m. — Game on! USA starting with line of Robertson-Pinto-WahlstromPregame12:59 p.m. — DYK: USA enters the game with four consecutive wins against the Russians.Great crowd here for a game not involving the hosts or Canada with their large traveling fan base. Let’s go. pic.twitter.com/FguXoRi2UK— Chris Peters (@chrismpeters) December 29, 2019The puck is down! #WorldJuniors pic.twitter.com/eP8JoxkTcZ— NHL Network (@NHLNetwork) December 29, 201912:38 p.m. — Warmups are underway in Ostrava, Czech RepublicWhich team will lead Group B at the end of this game, 🇺🇸 @usahockey or 🇷🇺 @russiahockey ? #WorldJuniors pic.twitter.com/KbPaJx2uli— 2020 IIHF #WorldJuniors (@iihf_wjc) December 29, 201911:43 a.m. — Russia going back to Miftakhov. Here is how Russia will line up against the U.S. All four lines can score, they have really solid Dmen and they played a heavy, disciplined game against Canada last night. Going to be a challenge. Also, looks like Amir Miftakhov gets the start after shutting out the Canadians. pic.twitter.com/XEAmrr6zuX— Chris Peters (@chrismpeters) December 29, 201911:33 a.m. — Lines are here.USA’s lines against Russia confirm the Turcotte-Caufield reunion. Zegras and Kaliyev together. D pairs are the same and Spencer Knight gets the start. pic.twitter.com/3Xiv5sJeSF— Chris Peters (@chrismpeters) December 29, 2019Relevant linksTournamentA team-by-team guide to the 2020 under-20 championshipBreakdown of every NHL teams’ prospectsTop 5 storylines to watch20 draft prospects to keep an eye onCanada’s complete game schedule, resultsDylan Cozens: first player from Yukon  Alexis Lafreniere putting up impressive numbers in draft yearBarrett Hayton named captainCanada handed worst-ever tournament loss by RussiaCanada’s captain Barrett Hayton angers Russia, keeps helmet on for anthemCanada’s Alexis Lafreniere ruled out vs. Germany, long-term status unclearUSATeam USA’s complete game schedule, resultsUSA’ Dustin Wolf making a name for himselfUSA loses to Canada to start tournamentUSA downs Germany to get first winlast_img read more

13 Aug

Groundbreaking held for Bushel Boy tomato facility on Mason City’s south side

first_imgA panoramic view of the land already cleared for Bushel Boy’s tomato growing facility between 43rd Street Southwest and the Avenue of the Saints on Mason City’s south side MASON CITY — Groundbreaking ceremonies were held this morning for a Minnesota tomato producer’s new growing facility on Mason City’s south side. Bushel Boy Farms of Owatonna produces hydroponic tomatoes, meaning that they are grown without soil but instead using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent. Bushel Boy is placing the new facility on an 80-acre development south of 43rd Street Southwest and east of Pierce Avenue. The $35 million development will include a 16 to 17 acre greenhouse along with a 50,000 square foot packing house that is expected to bring about 50 full-time jobs to the area. Bushel Boy president Steve Irland says it’s been a multi-year process to bring his company to Mason City, which he says was an attractive site for the company.  “The available land, the available utilities, the great governmental support in terms of figuring out solutions to problems, and most importantly the citizenry of Mason City. It’s a skilled, knowledgeable, hard-working group of people that we’re looking forward to having an employment relationship with.” Irland says work on the site south of 43rd Street Southwest near Alliant Energy’s facility is underway and is the first of three phases for the project. “We’re pushing dirt right now more than anything else. Over the course of the rest of 2019, we’re going to prepare the site and get the footings in for a 16-and-a-half acre greenhouse which is Phase One of what we hope will eventually be 50 acres of greenhouses. Next year in the spring, we will start the actual construction of the greenhouse, complete that in September, we will plant our crops about eight to ten weeks after that. The first of November we hope to have tomatoes that were able to ship right out of this facility to grocery stores, food commissaries, hospitals, schools, everybody else who will enjoy locally-grown Mason City tomatoes.” Irland says they grow three specific types of tomatoes — vine-on tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes and  snacking tomatoes.  “What makes these really special is we use seeds that predominantly are developed to deliver flavor. A lot of the growers that are in Canada and Mexico and places like that go for yield and the ability to ship tomatoes thousands of miles to far away places. We don’t have to do that, we only ship to a nine-state area surrounding Northern Iowa. Our tomatoes taste like a garden tomato, so they’re really something special. We’re sure the people are going to love them. They can find them right now in their HyVee stores here in Iowa and surrounding states.” State officials recently approved a Revitalize Iowa’s Sound Economy grant of up to $555,000 to assist in the expansion of South Monroe Avenue to provide primary frontage access to not only the Bushel Boy facility but also for potential other developments.last_img read more