9 Dec

How to Play the Long Game

first_img“You’re an animal like the other animals or you’re something different, something higher, and known to be different and higher. Someone has to be the good guy.” Peggy Noonan, A Flawed Report’s Important Lesson, WSJ, December 12, 2014Some of your competitors will lie to win a deal. They will say whatever they believe their prospective client wants to hear, knowing it isn’t the truth. You may be frustrated knowing that they’re lying and winning.Some businesses you compete against will act immoral, and some will take actions that are illegal, all to make a buck. Their success may get a lot of press, and it might look pretty in the papers right now.Some of your competitors will speak poorly of you and your business to win an opportunity. You may be frustrated and angry to learn that a competitor is trying to make themselves look better by trying to make you look bad.Some people will tell their prospective clients what they want to hear in order to ingratiate themselves to that person. The would rather have their business than tell them what they really need to hear.None of these tactics are effective long term. In fact, over time these tactics undo those who use them. Someone may effectively lie to win a deal, but over time that lie will be exposed, and the person who lied will no longer be credible. People and companies that try to win by using tactics that are illegal or immoral get a different kind of press when these actions are exposed. Eventually, you are going to judged by who you are, not what your competitors say about you. And, eventually, your dream clients are going to need to know the truth about what they need to change and how much it is going to cost.You can’t control the tactics that other people or companies use to pursue and win new business. The only thing that you can control is who you are going to be. If you decide to be something different and higher, you will be known for being those things, even if it takes time for this to be known.Character is the long game. Who you are going to be has nothing to do with the decisions that other people make about who they are going to be. Your character is your business.Legacy is the longest of long games. The difference that you are going to make is solely up to you, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that other people aren’t considering their legacy. Your legacy is your business. Essential Reading! Get my 2nd book: The Lost Art of Closing “In The Lost Art of Closing, Anthony proves that the final commitment can actually be one of the easiest parts of the sales process—if you’ve set it up properly with other commitments that have to happen long before the close. The key is to lead customers through a series of necessary steps designed to prevent a purchase stall.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

23 Oct

Songa Bulk Considering Tap Issue to Buy More Ships

first_imgzoom Norway-based shipping company Songa Bulk ASA is contemplating a tap issue in order to use the net proceeds for the acquisition of additional dry bulk vessels.The target amount is USD 18 million in the senior secured bond Songa Bulk ASA 17/22 FRN USD C, with a maturity on June 13, 2022.The current outstanding amount is USD 120 million and the borrowing limit is USD 150 million.Following a successful tap issue, the company said it will not carry out any additional tap issues.The company revealed it is also in the process to dispose of one of its Supramax vessels. When concluded, the sales proceeds will be used for further vessel acquisitions, Songa Bulk said.Songa Bulk has recently bought a number of second-hand vessels, prompted by attractive prices in the dry bulk sector. Earlier this week, Songa Bulk entered into an agreement to acquire a 2012-built Kamsarmax. The latest acquisition brings the company’s fleet to 15 vessels, which resulted in an investment worth USD 279.6 million.last_img read more

17 Oct

Jagmeet Singh calls on feds to fund basic income pilot project scrapped

first_imgOTTAWA – NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is calling on the federal government to pick up the tab to continue a basic income pilot project scrapped by Ontario Premier Doug Ford.The $150-million, three-year project was initiated by the province’s previous Liberal government but Ford announced last summer that his Conservative government will end the project in March, a year ahead of schedule.Singh says the premature end of the pilot will make it impossible to amass enough data to determine how effective a basic income program could be in lifting Canadians out of poverty.And he says it leaves in the lurch the 4,000 Ontarians who are involved in the pilot.The pilot project provides payments to low-income people in a number of communities, including Hamilton, Brantford, Thunder Bay and Lindsay.Single individuals receive up to $16,989 a year while couples receive up to $24,027 — with 50 cents clawed back from the benefit for every dollar earned from a job.“I would like to take this opportunity today to call on the federal government to step in and fund the remainder of the basic income pilot project in Ontario,” Singh said Tuesday in a speech to the Council of Canadian Innovators.“Vital data” will be lost if the pilot is not allowed to run its course, he added later.“We can actually have a wholesome data set … and we can look at some of the challenges and some of the benefits that are raised (from a basic income program). We can actually have evidence to make a decision as opposed to just what the Conservative government in Ontario is talking about, just hypotheses or just stereotypes.”More importantly, Singh said it’s “morally very reprehensible” to abandon the 4,000 low-income individuals who signed on for a three-year pilot project.“People make plans, they make life decisions around knowing what’s going to happen and having this project stripped away from those 4,000 low-income recipients I think is the wrong thing to do, I think it’s hurtful.”In the House of Commons later, New Democrat MP Peter Julian repeated the call for the federal government to fund the final year of the pilot project.Liberal MP Adam Vaughan, parliamentary secretary to the social development minister, said Liberals “share the disappointment” over Ford’s decision to scrap the pilot a year early.He called it a “critical experiment” that was “going to produce results all of us could benefit from as we put together government policy” but he did not commit to federal funding for it.last_img read more