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Does a Composting Toilet Stink Up Your House?

first_imgPractical advice on composting toiletsDon’t get a small one. You know, the kind that’s an all-in-one unit that just sits on the floor in any bathroom. It has a small tray at the bottom that you slide out to remove the waste. I had some friends in Florida who had one, and they hated it. You have to empty it far too frequently, and it doesn’t really get enough mass to get the composting going. And unlike the one I had, they’re smelly. [Edited 23 May 2013: I may have rushed to judgement without enough data here. See the comments from Lloyd Alter and Bruce Lepper below.]Use compost starter. When you read the instructions for composting toilets, they tell you that you have to put some starter microbes in the tank to make the composting happen. They give you two choices: Buy their special starter or throw a shovelful of soil in the tank. We chose the latter and had a plague of little fungus gnats living in the tank. (I could write a whole article just about my battle with those annoying little critters.) I suspect that using the soil from outside was the source of our gnat problem.Consider a foam-flush or micro-flush toilet. Some people are squeamish about doing what comes natural into a tank where they can see that other people have also been doing what comes natural. Crazy, I know, but it’s true. These types of toilets also give you the flexibility to install the toilet in locations other than directly above the tank.In case you’re wondering, we went with the Phoenix composting toilet by Advanced Composting Systems in Whitefish, Montana. The owner had previously worked for Clivus Multrum, the big name in composting toilets. I was pleased with the design, sturdiness, and functionality of the toilet. It was also fairly easy to assemble and install (for someone who’s handy with tools and used to doing this kind of stuff, that is). I recommend checking out both of those brands.If you’re in the Atlanta area, you can check out the Clivus Multrum with a foam flush toilet at Southface Energy Institute’s Eco Office near downtown.Because the tank was so large and there were only two of us living in the house (for the first three years anyway), we didn’t have to empty the tank until it had been in use for four years. At that point, I wasn’t living in the house anymore but went back to help with the first removal of the compost in 2007.It was nice stuff! The Phoenix has two access doors, an upper one and a lower one, as well as two large axles that run the length of the tank, each with several tines. When you open the lower door, you can pull out all the old stuff from the bottom and the axles and tines keep the newer stuff from falling. Cool!Finally, for those of you who think these modern composting toilets are too fancy or expensive, I recommend The Humanure Handbook. I don’t think you’ll ever get their design approved by a building department, but it’s definitely low-tech and cheap. All you need is a 5-gallon bucket, a toilet seat, and some sawdust. Allison Bailes of Decatur, Georgia, is a speaker, writer, energy consultant, RESNET-certified trainer, and the author of the Energy Vanguard Blog. You can follow him on Twitter at @EnergyVanguard. Collection and Use of UrineGBA Product Guide: Composting Toilet SystemsGBA Encyclopedia: Green Plumbing SystemsDo Low-Flow Toilets Really Work?Strategies: Consider composting toiletsNatural Building In NicaraguaQ&A: Experiences with grey-water and composting toilets? Ten years ago I was building a green home. It had passive solar features, was built out of structural insulated panels, sent all the greywater out to the back yard to water fruit trees, and was going to be super energy efficient. One feature above all others, though, captured people’s attention when I described the house to them — the composting toilet. The first reaction of many of them was:“Ooh. Won’t that stink?” OK, composting toilets are about a lot more than bathrooms that don’t stink. The main reason that people who consider themselves environmentalists install them is to prevent problems associated with waste treatment plants and septic tanks. In this age of “going local,” they keep the organic matter at home (unlike a sewer system) without polluting the ground water (unlike many septic tanks).But let’s skip over all the big picture, environmental stuff. If you’re considering a composting toilet, you want practical information, so here’s my advice to you, based on the three years I spent living in one … uh, I mean living in a house with one. Why bathrooms with composting toilets smell betterWe installed the kind of composting toilet with a large tank in the basement. The tank had a small fan that constantly exhausted air from the tank through the vent on the roof. So, whenever anyone went to the bathroom and … uh … did their business, the bathroom smelled better than before they went in there. The reason is that as soon as they opened the lid on the toilet, air from the bathroom was being pulled down through the toilet, into the basement tank, and then sent out through through the roof.A lot of people are down on negativity (Say NO to negativity!), but actually it’s a good thing when channeled properly. Negative pressure inside a composting toilet means you never have to worry about walking into a bathroom that’s had all the oxygen sucked out of the air (as I heard it described once). RELATED ARTICLES last_img read more

27 Nov

India vs England: 4th Test, Day 1- As it happened!

first_imgIndia won the toss and elected to bat first against EnglandWelcome to the coverage of Day 1 of the 4th Test between India and England from the Old Trafford Cricket stadium in Manchester.SCORECARD England continued their dominance from the Ageas Bowl to claim honours on the opening day of this fourth Test. Early on, Jimmy and Broad let it rip to bundle out India for a paltry 152. Aaron and Bhuvi got rid of the visitors’ openers early but Ballance and Bell combined well in a steady 77-run association to avert an India-esque collapse. Bell, in particular, was in fine touch, unfurling his favourite back cuts and essaying lovely drives. Ballance was not as pretty as Bell but showed good application before Aaron pinned him lbw off the final over of the day. He hit speeds north of 140kph and hustled the batsmen for pace. Bhuvi got his inswing going while Ashwin failed to make an impact today. Pankaj got more than a few balls to skim past the outside edge but nothing more as lady luck continues to desert him. As it stands, England are just 39 runs in arrears. The hosts will look to bat big and follow the Ageas Bowl script. Can they? Or will India hit back to foil their plan?And, it’s STUMPS ON DAY 1!! With Ian Bell(45) and Chris Jordan(0) at the crease, England are currently at 113/3 after 35 overs.That’s a WICKET MAIDEN by Aaron!!Chris Jordan comes to the crease for England.34.3 overs: That’s OUT!! Varun Aaron has got Gary Ballance out lbw on a good length delivery. Ballance was looking to press forward but gets struck on the pads in front of the stumps. Gary Ballance departs after scoring 37 runs off 87 balls with six boundaries. BIG WICKET for India!! advertisementWith Ian Bell(37) and Gary Ballance(31) at the crease, England are currently at 96/2 after 27 overs.SIX RUNS off the over!!26.5 overs: FOUR!! Ian Bell goes on the frontfoot and drills it straight down the ground for a boundary. CLASSY SHOT from Bell!! With Ian Bell(4) and Gary Ballance(9) at the crease, England are currently at 40/2 after 15 overs.FOUR RUNS off the over!!13.6 overs: FOUR!! Ian Bell leans forward and flicks it through midwicket for a boundary. Bell gets off the mark IN STYLE!!Ian Bell comes to the crease for England.13.1 overs: OUT!! Varun Aaron has got Alastair Cook out caught at deep backward square. Cook goes for the pull and sends it straight down the throat of Pankaj Singh who takes it confortably. Alastair Cook departs after scoring 17 runs off 42 balls with two boundaries. BIG WICKET for India!! With Alastair Cook(16) and Gary Ballance(3) at the crease, England are currently at 26/1 after 10 overs.That’s a WICKET MAIDEN by Bhuvi!!Gary Ballance comes to the crease for England.That was an ABSOLUTE SCORCHER OF A DELIVERY by Bhuvi!!8.6 overs: That’s OUT!! Bhuvneshwar Kumar has bowled Sam Robson on a spectacular inswinger. Robson gets into position and decides to leave it but the ball nips back in sharply to clip the off-stump. Sam Robson departs after scoring six runs off 24 balls with a boundary. EARLY BLOW for England!! With Alastair Cook(10) and Sam Robson(5) at the crease, England are currently at 15/0 after 5 overs.FIVE RUNS off the over!!1.3 overs: FOUR!! Alastair Cook leans into the drive and sends it straight down the ground for a boundary.Pankaj Singh will bowl from the other end for India.ONE RUN off the over!!Alastair Cook and Sam Robson are out in the middle for England while Bhuvneshwar Kumar will start the proceedings for India.First time England had a taste of the spin quartet – Bedi, Prasanna, Chandrasekhar and Venkataraghavan. The spinners shared 19 wickets between them and restricted the hosts to 298 and 203 but still went onto lose the game by 132 runs. The Indian batsmen were bowled out for 92 and 277, none of the batters made a significant contribution as only Ajit Wadekar scored 70 in the second innings.Though Woakes leaked some runs, Jordan, getting the nod ahead of Finn, hit the right lines and lengths in addition to generating steep bounce. Over to Cook and Robson now after the tea break. In the meantime, help yourself to part 19 of our description of India-England Tests in England.And that’s Tea as well. India have lost their 15th session in a row. Jimmy and Broad demonstrated a masterclass on swing and seam but they were helped by the India’s poor application. India’s innings was akin to lemmings off the cliff, committing suicide. Dhoni played the solo act, scoring a fighting fifty. He received decent support from Ashwin before the latter holed out to deep square leg. Then, Dhoni himself perished in pursuit of quick runs with the tail. advertisementThat’s a WICKET MAIDEN from Broad!!Bhuvneshwar Kumar, by popular choice India’s most successful batsmen in the series, comes to the crease.40.2 overs: That’s OUT!! Stuart Broad has got Ravichandran Ashwin out caught at deep square leg. Ashwin goes for the pull and sends it straight down the throat of Sam Robson who completes a regulation catch. Ravichandran Ashwin departs after scoring 40 runs off 42 balls with three boundaries and a six. BRILLIANT INNINGS from Ashwin!! With Ravichandran Ashwin(40) and MS Dhoni(49) at the crease, India are currently at 129/6 after 40 overs.SEVEN RUNS off the over!!39.3 overs: FOUR!! Ravichandran Ashwin goes on the backfoot and crashes the cut past point for a boundary. With Ravichandran Ashwin(35) and MS Dhoni(43) at the crease, India are currently at 117/6 after 36 overs.NINE RUNS off the over!!35.4 overs: FOUR!! MS Dhoni leans into the drive and sends it racing through mid-off for a boundary.SEVEN RUNS off the over!!34.2 overs: FOUR!! MS Dhoni slashes hard and gets an outside edge past the slip cordon for a boundary. FRUSTRATION for Anderson!! With Ravichandran Ashwin(24) and MS Dhoni(38) at the crease, India are currently at 101/6 after 34 overs.Ashwin playing Dhoni’s innings & Dhoni playing Pujara’s innings #IndvsEng #StrikeRate Yokesh (@ImYokEsH) August 7, 2014EIGHT RUNS off the over!!33.2 overs: FOUR!! MS Dhoni rocks back and works it towards backward square for a boundary. MSD KEEPS THEM COMING for India!!FOUR RUNS off the over!!32.5 overs: FOUR!! Ravichandran Ashwin had no clue about that one as the ball takes an outside edge past gully for a boundary. LUCKY-ESCAPE for Ashwin!! With Ravichandran Ashwin(16) and MS Dhoni(33) at the crease, India are currently at 88/6 after 31 overs.Jimmy shoved Jadeja off his home turf. And did it without laying a finger on him. Well, Tucker’s finger only. #IndvsEng #TheBigTest Gautam Bhimani (@gbhimani) August 7, 2014SEVEN RUNS off the over!!30.3 overs: SIX!! Ravichandran Ashwin goes hard at it and gets a top-edge over long leg for the maximum. Ashwin keeps the scoreboard TICKING!! With Ravichandran Ashwin(9) and MS Dhoni(33) at the crease, India are currently at 80/6 after 29 overs.Almost a repeat of 74…thankfully we crossed 42…huhhh #IndvsEng Paresh Joshi (@PareshJoshi14) August 7, 2014FIVE RUNS off the over!!28.1 overs: FOUR!! Ravichandran Ashwin waits for it and carves it over point for a boundary.NINE RUNS off the over!!27.6 overs: FOUR!! MS Dhoni rocks back and hammers it through backward point for another boundary. MSD is PLAYING A T20 here!!27.4 overs: FOUR!! MS Dhoni reaches out and crashes it past gully for a boundary. With Ravichandran Ashwin(3) and MS Dhoni(25) at the crease, India are currently at 66/6 after 27 overs.Seems our team India has got an ad for Duck Farm.. or Had to many eggs in breakfast. #IndvsEng Mohammed Arif Khan (@mdarifkhan87) August 7, 2014THREE RUNS off the over!!Ravichandran Ashwin comes to the crease for India.advertisementJames Anderson is ON FIRE here!!26.3 overs: OUT!! James Anderson has got Ravindra Jadeja out lbw on an inswinging delivery. Jadeja was looking to work it towards the on-side but gets struck on the pads right in front of the stumps. Ravindra Jadeja departs without scoring. Another GOLDEN DUCK for India!! James Anderson will bowl from the other end for England.With Ravindra Jadeja(0) and MS Dhoni(25) at the crease, India are currently at 63/5 after 26 overs.That’s a MAIDEN for Jordan!! MS Dhoni and Ravindra Jadeja are out in the middle for India while Chris Jordan will start the proceedings for England.Woke up to a horrendous score line for India… Cannot believe it was worse than what it looks now. #EngvInd #IndvsEng #cricket Parth Taneja (@ItsParthTaneja) August 7, 2014And, we’re back!! LUNCH: A belter of a session for England and an equally humiliating one for India. England got off to a dream start after taking four Indian wickets for a mere eight runs. Gautam Gambhir, who was in the spotlight for his highly-anticipated return, was at the crease for just seven balls. James Anderson was the baton bearer for England as his ferocious swing took out Murali Vijay and Virat Kohli in one over. Kohli has now been dismissed by Anderson three times in the series for a mere two runs. India were desperate for someone to stabilize the innings and Cheteshwar Pujara looked like a suitable candidate. But, not for long as Stuart Broad sent the Indian right-hander packing for a golden duck. MS Dhoni and Ajinkya Rahane tried to repair the innings with some counter-attacking strokes. But, Chris Jordan scalped Rahane right before lunch to unsettle the Indian innings. With the looks of it, England will be eager to get over with it but, the question remains as to how long the Indian tail manages to wag along. #IndvsEng #IndvsEndLive Pitch has got uneven bounce, we might see Ashwin and Jadeja Spin It, to Win It for India on Day 5 !! @BCCI Shashankraj Kodesia (@shashankrajau) August 7, 2014With Ravindra Jadeja(0) and MS Dhoni(25) at the crease, India are currently at 63/5 after 25 overs.Lunch!! 14th consecutive session won by England #indvseng Tarun Gamechanger (@tarun_0707) August 7, 2014That’s a WICKET MAIDEN from Jordan!! Ravindra Jadeja comes to the crease for India.The last 3 times England have had a team 4 down for less than 25 on day 1, they have lost the Test! #EngvInd #bcci #IndvsEng #cricket Ahmed Bilal (@Ahmedbilal88) August 7, 2014Chris Jordan JOINS THE PARTY for England!!23.2 overs: That’s OUT!! Chris Jordan has got Ajinkya Rahane out caught at second slip. Rahane was looking to drive but gets an outside edge towards Ian Bell who takes it comfortably. Ajinkya Rahane departs after scoring 24 runs off 52 balls with three boundaries. Another BLOW for India!! With Ajinkya Rahane(24) and MS Dhoni(24) at the crease, India are currently at 57/4 after 22 overs.Some of these Outswingers from Jimmy Anderson are turning as much as Shane Warne’s Leg break.. #IndvsEng Subodh Srivastava (@subodh2056) August 7, 2014FOUR RUNS off the over!!21.5 overs: FOUR!! Ajinkya Rahane reaches out and slices it past gully for a boundary. With Ajinkya Rahane(20) and MS Dhoni(24) at the crease, India are currently at 52/4 after 19 overs.FIVE RUNS off the over!!18.5 overs: FOUR!! Ajinkya Rahane gets on the frontfoot and drills it straight down the ground for a boundary. Rahane is BATTING PATIENTLY here!! With Ajinkya Rahane(13) and MS Dhoni(22) at the crease, India are currently at 43/4 after 17 overs.SEVEN RUNS off the over!!16.6 overs: FOUR!! MS Dhoni gets forward and steers it past the slip cordon for a boundary. With Ajinkya Rahane(10) and MS Dhoni(18) at the crease, India are currently at 36/4 after 16 overs.Just when people were thinking of Gambhir getting out for just 4, Vijay, Pujara & Kohli made it respectable by going for duck! #IndvsEng JITS (@jitendra87) August 7, 2014FOUR RUNS off the over!!15.5 overs: FOUR!! MS Dhoni leans forward and smokes it through covers for a blazing boundary. MSD is PLAYING WITH FIRE here!! With Ajinkya Rahane(8) and MS Dhoni(14) at the crease, India are currently at 30/4 after 14 overs.This kind of scoreline will only ensure that this test match produces a result. This, is the decider! #IndvsEng VS. (@whackbhav) August 7, 2014SIX RUNS off the over!!13.3 overs: FOUR!! MS Dhoni slashes hard and sends it over third slip for a boundary. EXTRA BOUNCE surprised MSD there!!FIRST CHANGE, Chris Woakes comes into the attack for England. With Ajinkya Rahane(7) and MS Dhoni(8) at the crease, India are currently at 23/4 after 12 overs.Now only Srinivasan can save India … #IndvsEng The-Lying-Lama (@KyaUkhaadLega) August 7, 201410.4 overs: FOUR!! MS Dhoni gets forward and punches it past mid-off for a boundary. India need a SPECIAL INNINGS from MSD!!8.3 overs: FOUR!! MS Dhoni waits for it and sends it past gully for a boundary.FOUR RUNS off the over!!7.3 overs: FOUR!! Ajinkya Rahane leans into the drive and sends it scurrying through mid-off for the first boundary. CRACKING SHOT from Rahane!!Another WICKET MAIDEN from Broad!!MS Dhoni comes to the crease amid DISASTROUS START for India!!That’s the THIRD DUCK from the Indian batsmen in first six overs of play!!5.1 overs: OUT!! Stuart Broad has got Cheteshwar Pujara out caught in the slip cordon. Pujara was looking to run it down towards third man but Chris Jordan pulls off a blinder to sends him back into the hut. Cheteshwar Pujara departs without troubling the scorecard.Looks like Anushka’s lip job has #ViratKohli fending to slips #IndvsEng #Cricket CSRamachandran (@csramachandran) August 7, 2014That’s a wicket maiden or should I say DOUBLE WICKET MAIDEN for Anderson!!Ajinkya Rahane comes to the crease for India.James Anderson is BREATHING FIRE as the Old Trafford crowd COMES TO LIFE!!4.4 overs: That’s OUT!! James Anderson has got Virat Kohli out caught at first slip. Kohli plays the outswinger only to produce an outside edge towards Alastair Cook for a simple catch. Virat Kohli departs for a duck. This is ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS from India!!Virat Kohli comes to the crease for India.4.2 overs: OUT!! James Anderson has got Murali Vijay out caught at first slip. Vijay was forced into the drive and gets an outside edge through to Alastair Cook who doesn’t drop those. Murali Vijay departs for a golden duck. Another BLOW for India!!That’a a WICKET MAIDEN for Broad!!Cheteshwar Pujara comes to the crease for India.Gambhir FAILS TO LIVE UP to his highly anticipated return!!3.1 overs: That’s OUT!! Stuart Broad has got Gautam Gambhir out caught at gully. Gambhir pokes at the length ball and sends it straight down the throat of Joe Root for a simple catch. Gautam Gambhir departs after scoring just four runs off seven balls. EARLY BLOW for India!!EIGHT RUNS off the over!!Stuart Broad will bowl from the other end for England.Anderson starts off with a MAIDEN!!Murali Vijay and Gautam Gambhir are out in the middle for India while James Anderson will start the proceedings for England. Toss: India won the toss and elected to bat first against England.Changes: India have made three changes with Gautam Gambhir, Ravichandran Ashwin and Varun Aaron replacing Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma and Mohammed Shami. On the other hand, England have decided to play the same team from the last Test match.Teams(from):England: Alastair Cook, Sam Robson, Gary Ballance, Ian Bell, Joe Root, Moeen Ali, Jos Buttler, Chris Jordan, Chris Woakes, Stuart Broad, James Anderson.India: Murali Vijay, Gautam Gambhir, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Varun Aaron, Pankaj Singhlast_img read more

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first_imgDordt College is now officially known as Dordt University.The announcement for the name change was made a year ago, but became official on Monday.Brandon Huisman, Vice President of Enrollment for Dordt, says there are three primary reasons for the name change:Audio Playerhttp://kscj.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/DORDT1.mp300:0000:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.OC……….than a college. :18Huisman says Dordt has expanded its various graduate Master’s programs, which is another reason for changing the name of the Sioux Center school:Audio Playerhttp://kscj.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/DORDT2.mp300:0000:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.OC……..the next year. :19International students now make up nearly 11 percent of the enrollment, which he says relates to the word “university” better than the word “college.”Dordt University has an enrollment of around 1600 students.last_img read more

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Minna Rhee Is Out at SourceMedia

first_imgA little over a month ago, CEO Doug Manoni informed staffers that he intended to step down and transition to executive chairman after eight years at the company helm. Minna RheeSourceMedia’s chief product and audience officer, Minna Rhee, has left the company after four-and-a-half years, a company spokeswoman confirmed to Folio:.Rhee joined SourceMedia late in 2103 as chief digital officer, at the time a new role created amid the company’s ambitious and subsequently well-documented digital expansion.She served for a time as chief digital and marketing officer, overseeing initiatives like the company’s relaunch of its digital platforms under a unified CMS before shifting to chief product and audience officer, her most recent title, around the time Matt Yorke was brought in from IDG as chief marketing officer, in January 2017.Representatives for SourceMedia didn’t go into detail on the circumstances surrounding Rhee’s departure, and Rhee declined to comment, but her name and title appear to have been removed from SourceMedia’s corporate homepage as well as the mastheads of its various brands, including The American Banker and Financial Planning, at some point over the last three weeks.last_img read more

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ARREST LOG Wilmington Police Make 3 Arrests

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — According to Wilmington Police Logs, Wilmington Police issued the following arrests and summonses between October 11, 2018 and October 17, 2018:Thursday, October 11Philip P. Perry (63, Wilmington) was arrested for OUI Liquor (2nd Offense); Marked Lanes Violation; and Failure To Signal. (9:26am)Friday, October 12Erick J. Benson (41, Worcester) was arrested on a warrant. (9:26am)Saturday, October 13Giovannie Williams (30, Dorchester) was arrested for Operating A Motor Vehicle With A Suspended License (Subsequent Offense) and Speeding In Violation Of A Special Regulation. (2:22am)Sunday, October 14NoneMonday, October 15NoneTuesday, October 16NoneWednesday, October 17None(DISCLAIMER: This information is public information.  An arrest does not constitute a conviction.  Any arrested person is innocent until proven guilty.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email wilmingtonapple@gmail.com.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedARREST LOG: Wilmington Police Make 5 Arrests & Issue 4 SummonsesIn “Police Log”ARREST LOG: Wilmington Police Make 4 Arrests & Issue 3 SummonsesIn “Police Log”ARREST LOG: Wilmington Police Make 4 Arrests & Issues 3 SummonsesIn “Police Log”last_img read more

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Steve Jobs gets weird in new music video about a technobondage dream

first_img Share your voice GIF by Leslie Katz/CNET A new music video folds Steve Jobs and classic Macs into a song that makes hard drives and hotspots a lot more suggestive than they’re probably meant to be. “You know I got that Macintosh where you want it, so take your hard drive back me up on it,” rhymes Psycho Flower MC from the group Xia Xia Technique (X.X.T.), dressed in a black turtleneck, 501 jeans, New Balance shoes and wire rim glasses. “You can use my hotspot. I’m your Wi-Fi wifey type. Like it when you pinch and swipe.” Aug 31 • Your phone screen is gross. Here’s how to clean it Post a comment Sep 1 • iPhone 11, Apple Watch 5 and more: The final rumors Aug 31 • Best places to sell your used electronics in 2019 0 Music Steve Jobs Applecenter_img Apple • Tags reading • Steve Jobs gets weird in new music video about a ‘technobondage dream’ The video also features David Dastmalchian, one of a small number of actors who’ve been in films and shows based on comic books from both Marvel and DC: Ant-Man, The Dark Knight and TV shows like Gotham and The Flash. In the video, Dastmalchian plays a “technobondage dream” Psycho Flower MC creates with a program on her old computer. He rises from a stretcher in the same signature Jobs getup Psycho Flower MC wears and at first seems like a scientific success. Then an old-school neon-green error message flashes on screen and he starts bumping into walls, tries to bash his inventor over the head with a keyboard and ties her up with computer cables. All ends well, however, as the computer detects empathy in Psycho Flower MC’s Frankenjobs creation.  Aug 31 • iPhone XR vs. iPhone 8 Plus: Which iPhone should you buy? See Alllast_img read more

9 Sep

New capital budget is much lower than previous budgets

first_imgA conceptual rendering of the Knik Arm Bridge. Construction industry advocates support the project, but Gov. Bill Walker hasn’t pursued it. (Image courtesy Knik Arm Bridge and Toll Authority)State lawmakers who voted to pass the capital budget Thursday said it will help the economy. But it will provide less help than it did just a few years ago.Listen nowIt was more than twice as large then — $3.6 billion in 2013, in contrast with $1.4 billion in the new budget.When oil prices fell in 2014, so did the amount of money available for Alaska to repair and expand roads and other infrastructure.The state spent more than $2 billion on the capital budget in 2013. The new budget includes less than a tenth of that.Fairbanks-based Exclusive Paving contract administrator Sarah Lefebvre noted the state has stopped funding its own construction projects.Now, most of the capital budget comes from federal spending.“Once upon a time, the state was able to do state-funded transportation and infrastructure projects,” Lefebvre said. “That would include not just highways, but airports and that type of things. … Those state-funded projects are done.”This decline has contributed to an overall decline in construction jobs across Alaska.According to the state Department of Labor and Workforce Development, there’s been a one-sixth drop in construction jobs over the past three years.Some trades have been hit particularly hard.Juneau district representative Corey Baxter expressed anguish on the effect on the members of his union, International Union of Operating Engineers Local 302.“It’s huge for our members,” Baxter said. “I’d say over 90 percent of our work has to deal with the capital budget. And with the huge cut we’ve had over the last couple of years, it’s hurt us big time. A lot of our members are thinking of moving out of state.”The capital spending decline has hit regions in different ways. Southeast Alaska already was affected by the overall decline in state spending.Rain Coast Data director Meilani Schijvens said the region lost roughly 50 construction jobs last year and could lose a projected 100 this year.“You’re having an enormous impact, a negative downward impact on jobs, on population, on spending, and so it’s been really frustrating and disappointing to watch,” Schijvens said.Without a sudden surge in oil prices, the state won’t be able to fund projects like it used to.There are steps that the Legislature can take to increase capital spending, according to some construction industry advocates.Associated General Contractors of Alaska executive director John MacKinnon said state support for three often-maligned mega-projects would help. They are the Juneau Access road, the Knik Arm bridge and the Susitna-Watana dam.Gov. Bill Walker has decided against pursuing the projects.MacKinnon said $150 million in state spending for those projects would draw much more federal spending that would put contractors to work.“If you look at some of the greatest projects that have been done in this country – the Hoover Dam, the Golden Gate Bridge, the coastal highway that went down through the Florida Keys – the projects were done in and around the depth of the Depression,” MacKinnon said.MacKinnon’s wife Anna MacKinnon is a Republican senator who oversees the capital budget as co-chair of the Senate Finance Committee.John MacKinnon said the capital budget decline has affected private spending.“Part of that has to do with the optimism out there of investors, private investors and private money,” MacKinnon said. “You don’t see a lot of private money being spent out there.”But the oil price decline has also had a large effect on private construction.The Institute of Social and Economic Research at University of Alaska Anchorage projects overall construction spending will be down $700 million dollars this year.Most of the decline is from the private sector.last_img read more

3 Sep

At least 11 dead in Haiti earthquake

first_imgMap of Haiti. Photo: Google MapA 5.9-magnitude earthquake struck just off the northwest coast of Haiti late Saturday, killing at least 11 people and causing damage to buildings in the Caribbean nation, authorities said.The epicentre of the quake was located about 19 kilometres (12 miles) northwest of the city of Port-de-Paix, the US Geological Survey reported.Government spokesman Eddy Jackson Alexis told AFP that 11 people were so far reported dead, seven of them in Port-de-Paix, the capital of Haiti’s Nord-Ouest department.Four others were killed in the town of Gros-Morne, about 50 kilometres to the southeast.The quake, which was felt across the country, struck at 8:10 pm (0010 GMT Sunday) at a shallow depth of 11.7 kilometres.Haiti’s civil protection agency said two minor aftershocks were registered, adding that no tsunami warning was issued in connection with the quake activity.The tremor rattled the capital Port-de-Prince, sparking emotion among residents still reeling from the massive 2010 earthquake that left at least 200,000 people dead and 300,000 more wounded.”I urge the population to remain calm,” President Jovenel Moise said on Twitter, adding that local and regional authorities were assisting those in need and that some damage had been reported.Prime minister Jean-Henry Ceant is heading up an inter-ministerial disaster response task force, he said on Twitter.”The injured are being treated at area hospitals,” the civil protection agency said late Saturday, noting that some of the injuries were sustained when people panicked after the quake.The agency confirmed that some homes were destroyed or damaged, without offering specific figures.Images of damaged homes and partially destroyed buildings were circulating on social media, but AFP was not immediately able to confirm their authenticity.The Nord-Ouest department is the poorest part of impoverished Haiti, with many isolated areas due to the dire state of the roads.The devastating 7.0-magnitude quake in January 2010 left more than 1.5 million people homeless. Tens of thousands remain in makeshift camps.The damage caused was worth an estimated 120 per cent of GDP in Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere.Longer-term reconstruction has been hampered by lingering political chaos in the nation of nearly 11 million people, and by a deadly cholera epidemic introduced by infected Nepalese UN peacekeepers sent in after the quake.last_img read more

2 Sep

Astros Win Thriller 1312 Take World Series Lead 32

first_img– / 8 I’m positive you can hear Minute Maid Park from space right now @astros #WorldSeries pic.twitter.com/kA17sJSf6u— Ron White (@Ron_White) October 30, 2017 UPDATED: 9:10After Los Angeles added another run in the top of the fourth to take a 4-0, it was finally the Astros turn to show some offensive production. George Springer led off with a walk. After Alex Bregman flied out, Jose Altuve singled. Then came Carlos Correa. He doubled down the left field line scoring Springer. It was a close play at second base which the Dodgers challenged, but Correa did in fact just beat the tag to be safe at second with just one out.Video Playerhttps://cdn.hpm.io/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/29233908/WhatsApp-Video-2017-10-29-at-11.15.53-PM.mp400:0000:0000:07Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Brad Peacock strikes out Austin Barnes to start 8th inning Share However, Logan Forsythe single to left field scoring two runs, and then the Astros missed an opportunity to throw out Forsythe trying to steal second, and that allowed Hernandez to score from third base.Through one inning LA leads 3-0.UPDATED 8:30Astros pitcher Dallas Keuchel has settled in on the mound after a rocky first inning allowed the Dodgers to take a 3-0 lead in Game Five. Keuchel retired the Dodgers in order in both the second and third innings. Unfortunately for Astros fans, LA starting pitcher Clayton Kershaw has been dominant. Kershaw has allowed just one hit, a leadoff single by DH Evan Gattis in the bottom of the third. Gattis was immediately retired when Marwin Gonzalez hit into a double play.Through three innings LA leads 3-0.Video Playerhttps://cdn.hpm.io/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/29224543/WhatsApp-Video-2017-10-29-at-10.30.57-PM.mp400:0000:0000:08Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Catcher Brian McCann grounds out to end 6th inning. Game Five of the World Series was supposed to be a pitchers duel between to of the game’s best. Instead, the Astros won 13-12 in ten innings. Clayton Kershaw was taking the mound for Los Angeles. He’s a seven-time All Star, three time Cy Young award winner (the award goes to the best pitcher in the American or National League) and the 2014 National League MVP. The Astros were countering 2015 American League Cy Young winner Dallas Keuchel. Both pitchers were allowing three runs or less per nine innings in the 2017 post season.However, Game Five didn’t go according to script. Instead the Dodgers jumped to an early lead scoring three runs in the first inning. They added another in the fourth and looked like they were going to cruise back to Los Angeles with an easy victory. Not so fast my friend.Six times during the course of the game, one team scored at least three runs in an inning. Astros shortstop Carlos Correa says the excitement became exhausting.“There’s a lot of pressure on you when you’re out there and you want to win a game and you want to win the World Series. So, hopefully we can win one more game, and then take a break because this is hard on me,” said Correa.The Astros scored four runs in the bottom of the fourth to tie the game. Three of the runs came on a Yuli Gurriel home run.The Dodgers scored three more runs in the fifth inning. The Astros matched them. The Dodgers scored a run in the seventh. The Astros took their first lead of the game by scoring four runs in the bottom of the seventh. That three run lead looked comfortable, even in the eighth inning when LA scored a run, because the Astros also scored a run in the eight. Then came the ninth.A crowd which had been standing and cheering all game was ready for the final three outs and a comfortable win. Instead the Dodgers scored three runs to tie the game.Finally in the bottom of the tenth inning. Catcher Brian McCann was hit by a pitch and went to first. He was moved to second when George Springer drew a walk. That brought Alex Bregman to the plate. Bregman hit the first pitch to left center field to score Derek Fisher, who pinch ran for McCann when he got to second base. Finally after more than five hours the Astros finished their final game of the season at Minute Maid Park by sending the home fans happy.Second baseman Jove Altuve told the media post game the Astros were not about to give up.“We came back twice, and we took the lead. They tied the game and we did it again. So, this is the team we are, this is the team we’ve been all season long. And I’m really proud of every single guy in that clubhouse because tonight everybody did something to help us win the game,” Altuve said.The victory, and maybe even more specifically, the exciting nature of the game  was fitting. Much has been made about Houston’s relationship with its baseball team. The Astros donned #HoustonStrong patches on their jerseys immediately after Hurricane Harvey. Coaches and players said it was important that they do something to help those who suffered because they had been encouraged by their fans.Astros fan Mike Dunlap says the three games in Houston provided the fans a diversion they needed. “It gives the city something to rally behind after knowing, every person in this stadium has somebody was personally affected by the storm,” said DunlapFor Jamie Phillips it was more than an escape from thoughts of her recently flooded neighborhood, and she’s grateful her friend brought her to the game. “It’s on my bucket list and I’m turning 40, so I was like, Oh my God she’s literally marking a box for me,” Phillips says.The friend who brought her, Carlin Dunphy, also brought her eleven year old son to Game Five because she knew he’d remember the experience. Considering the game is being discussed as one of the best in World Series history by media, he’ll have a memory he can cherish.The series moves back to Los Angeles for Game Six on Tuesday.  The Astros had better hope they’re much more successful against Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw. The Texas native allowed just three hits, one run while striking out eleven Astros batters in LA’s 3-1 win in Game One of the World Series.Video Playerhttps://cdn.hpm.io/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/29195420/WhatsApp-Video-2017-10-29-at-5.12.29-PM.mp400:0000:0000:27Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Dodgers “personality” Justin Turner “stretches” before Game 5. Sunday night with the Series tied at two wins apiece, All Star Dallas Keuchel allowed three first inning runs to the Dodgers. Center fielder Chris Taylor started the game by delivering a single up the middle. After Keuchel struck out Corey Seager, Justin Turner and Kike Hernandez both walked to load the bases. The Dodgers Game Four hero, first baseman Cody Bellinger, followed Turner with a strikeout and the Astros were an out away from getting out to the inning without allowing a run.Video Playerhttps://cdn.hpm.io/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/29195445/WhatsApp-Video-2017-10-29-at-7.38.23-PM.mp400:0000:0000:16Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Dallas Keuchel strikes out Dodgers Cody Bellinger Astros first baseman Yuli Gurriel then came to the plate with runners on second and third. Gurriel quickly deposited a Kershaw pitch off the stadium’s left field windows above the Crawford Boxes, and the score was tied at four after four innings.How’s everybody’s heart rate? 😅 pic.twitter.com/qlCTgPlMnP— Houston Astros (@astros) October 30, 2017last_img read more

30 Aug

Tumblrs David Karp on Why NYC Beats Silicon Valley

first_imgMay 17, 2012 In the drudge match for finding top tech talent, David Karp, the 25-year-old CEO of Tumblr calls his company’s New York City home his best asset.Karp sat down with Webby Awards Executive Director David-Michel Davies to discuss the growth of the micro-blogging site and the evolution of Tumblr, among other things. The “fireside chat” was part of Internet Week New York, a festival of more than 250 tech-focused events around the city that runs through May 21.While many on the West Coast talk about the area being the future, Karp says instead that New York is where it’s at. Referring to the Big Apple, as the “heart of the creative world,” he adds that his company’s location allows him to be closer to the people that are important to Tumblr, a.k.a. creative types.Plus, its NYC setting has helped the company lure some top talent from big tech companies, boasts Karp. Half of the Tumblr team of 100 people are “relos,” or individuals that relocated to the area. Even as Apple and Facebook are offering up highly competitive packages, he says it’s become easier to sell people on Tumblr, in part, because of what the city of more than 8 million people has to offer. NYC is just plain “cooler than Palo Alto,” Karp says.Related: A Note to Young Treps: Put Down the RamenOf course it might also have to do with the company’s dazzling success. During the chat with Davies, the grey hoodie-clad Karp threw out some nuggets like how the microblogging website has more than 55 million blogs and over 17 billion pageviews each month.After signing up 75,000 new users in its first week, the platform grew amid a community of loyal hackers and designers that were already embracing bite sized media. In recent years, however, Tumblr has gone more mainstream — landing praise from individuals and brands alike, including Newsweek and The Hunger Games movie.Today Karp notes that the company’s millions of users can expect one Tumblr to be reblogged 9 times. Meanwhile, he claims that WordPress averages 0.8 comments per post.Related: From Pinterest to Gumroad, 19-year-old Sahil Lavingia on His Trek Through Silicon Valley That uptake among users, has helped the now five-year-old company reach a valuation of $800 million.Not bad for a guy that started the platform, as a means for self-expression. In 2007, Karp was hoping to participate more in the blogging process, though he didn’t fashion himself a writer.”I don’t enjoy writing,” he told the audience. But, at the time, he says, blogging platforms were fashioned towards writers requiring a witty headline and a real editorial voice. Looking to share his interests outside of the “vanilla” Facebook page, Karp came up with the idea that has grown in its popularity due to the ease of sharing texts and visuals.”The non-ambitious thing about Tumblr is that it is a tool for me,” Karp says. “I didn’t expect anyone to use it. It wasn’t intended to be viral or popular. It was just intended to be useful.”Related: Going Out Tonight? Zoom in, Point and Click As for the other uber-popular sites like Pinterest, Karp says he isn’t worried about sharing any headlines. Karp told YoungEntrepreneur.com that he tries to avoid viewing things in the industry too competitively. “For me, it’s not about wanting to dominate the market. It’s wanting to make sure we’re not wasting our time.”What do you think has most helped Tumblr rise to success? Let us know in the comments below.Should you follow @YoungTrep on Twitter? Absolutely. Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. 4 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Register Now »last_img read more