20 Nov

Covid: Ends of the earth love story that defied pandemic

first_imgA man is moving across the world to live with someone he hasn’t seen in nearly a decade.Rosanna Wilson and Andrew Monck first met in 2011, but have got in contact again during the pandemic.- Advertisement – Andrew lives in Australia, but after being granted an exemption to leave the country permanently, is travelling more than 9,300 miles (15,000km) to join Rosanna in Devon. – Advertisement –last_img

16 Aug

Warriors players call out Raptors fans for their ‘bulls—’ behavior after Kevin Durant’s injury

first_imgKevin Durant’s return to the 2019 NBA Finals didn’t last long as he suffered an Achilles injury early in the second quarter of Game 5.While the severity of the injury is waiting to be confirmed via an MRI, the belief is he has a torn right Achilles tendon. The seriousness of the injury caused many Warriors fans to become upset, and even led to Warriors GM Bob Myers giving a tearful injury update at the end of the game. All of this plays into just how awful it was to see several Raptors fans in the arena celebrate Durant’s injury.Kyle Lowry and the Warriors tell fans to stop cheering as Kevin Durant walks off with an injury. pic.twitter.com/UldE49bF22— ESPN (@espn) June 11, 2019MORE: Kevin Durant posts message following his injuryIn the video above, not only can you hear cheering, but you can see multiple fans gleefully waving goodbye to Durant. Players on both sides were obviously frustrated by this on the court, and after the game they expressed their feelings more in depth. Let’s go through some of the Warriors who had some opinions.Steph Curry:”I’m very confused around that reaction. It’s not my experience with people of this city and I commend, obviously, Danny Green and Kyle Lowry, especially. I think they were the (Raptors players) that were kind of signalling to the crowd like, ‘OK, let’s check each other a little bit and understand this is about an individual human being and not, ‘Oh, shoot. He’s out. We won the championship.'”Like that was probably their initial thought, and you hate to see that when a guy’s going through pain like that. Again, that’s not my experience with this city, and I just hope that ugliness doesn’t show itself again as we go forward in this series.”Klay Thompson:“It was bulls—. That was freaking ridiculous. I can’t even put into words how mad I was about that.”Draymond Green:”That’s crazy. That’s crazy. Come on … that’s classless. For me, I’ve always witnessed Canadians being the nicest people that I’ve ever encountered, and that was classless.”DeMarcus Cousins:“F— them. F— ’em. Trash. So trash. We’re all idolized as superstar athletes. We’re not human beings. It’s always about what we can do between those lines. That’s it. That’s all that ever matters.”It seems like one of the few Raptors fans who actually acted appropriately was Drake. Drake consoled Kevin Durant as he walked off in the second quarter. pic.twitter.com/05ZpHdL49l— ESPN (@espn) June 11, 2019As for the other side, the Raptors players were also upset with their own fans for how they reacted. Kyle Lowry tried to come up with an explanation as to why some fans reacted the way they did.”I don’t think the fans knew the significance of the injury,” Lowry said. “They kind of just seen he went down. In this league, we’re all brothers. At the end of the day, we’re all brothers and it’s a small brotherhood and you never want to see a competitor like him go down. You don’t know what the circumstances are. We don’t want anything to ever happen like that. We don’t know what’s this or that. We don’t want that type of stuff. And it didn’t change much emotionally. It was just after he went down, and we got on and finished the game.”Durant scored 11 points on 3-of-5 shooting in 12 minutes before exiting the game.last_img read more

12 Aug

‘Most photographed’ Wall Street Trader has Coronavirus

first_imgYou’ve seen the face of Peter Tuchman, dubbed the “most photographed trader on Wall Street,” often. In addition to the roller coaster ride on Wall Street, Tuchman has also made news by announcing on Instagram Thursday that he had tested positive for coronavirus.The New York Stock Exchange trader, who calls himself the “Einstein of Wall Street” on his Instagram page, revealed the diagnosis with the picture of a Corona Extra beer bottle and an emoticon of hands joined together.“Hi guys I just thought I’d let you know that I did test positive for corona. I am battling it pretty hard never felt so sick in my life…,” Tuchman said in the post.“Great team of doctors no breathing problems that’s a good thing all the other problems that’s a bad thing will get to the other side of this I’ll be in touch … soon … send prayers,” he added.At least two more Intercontinental Exchange-owned NYSE floor traders tested positive for the virus on Tuesday, despite strict measures taken to prevent those infected from entering the exchange while it remained open last week, according to a memo seen by Reuters.last_img read more

6 Aug

Olympia’s Kudick Chiropractic Celebrating Chiropractic’s 118th Birthday

first_imgFacebook0Tweet0Pin0Submitted by Kudick ChiropracticIt is September 18th, 1985, Davenport, Iowa, with D.D. Palmer…Chiropractic is born.D.D. Palmer was talking to Harvey Lillard, the janitor, when he noticed that if Harvey was not looking at him, he would not respond to a question.  When asked, Henry explained that 10 years previously he had heard a loud pop in his neck and over the next few weeks he had lost most of his hearing.  D.D. Palmer was curious and asked if he could touch Harvey’s neck.  When he did there was a huge lump (C1 was rotated and stuck) that was not moving and tender to his touch.  He asked Harvey to lie down and D.D. Palmer performed the 1st Chiropractic adjustment.  After 4-6 adjustments Harvey had his hearing totally restored!!!Wow! Does that mean Chiropractic cures deafness? Of course not, but what it did do for Harvey was put motion into the vertebrae joint that was stuck and allow that nerve that controlled his hearing to get “unpinched”, inturn, eventually restoring his hearing (function).Now, 118 years later Chiropractic is the number one choice for people who prefer a drugless, low risk choice for their health care.  Rather than the drug based allopathic care, which is more sick care.I work with all types of conditions with people who have been injured at work, in an auto collision, in daily activities and people who just want to stay healthy and have no symptoms.  Chiropractic care is a good fit no matter what the health goal is.To celebrate this 118th Birthday, we at Kudick Chiropractic are having a special September 16th-20th with all procedures ie: adjustments, exams and/or films for $33 each.  This allows a person to get a baseline of how their body is working. Just call for an appointment and/or information at 360-943-7360.last_img read more