6 Aug

Olympia’s Kudick Chiropractic Celebrating Chiropractic’s 118th Birthday

first_imgFacebook0Tweet0Pin0Submitted by Kudick ChiropracticIt is September 18th, 1985, Davenport, Iowa, with D.D. Palmer…Chiropractic is born.D.D. Palmer was talking to Harvey Lillard, the janitor, when he noticed that if Harvey was not looking at him, he would not respond to a question.  When asked, Henry explained that 10 years previously he had heard a loud pop in his neck and over the next few weeks he had lost most of his hearing.  D.D. Palmer was curious and asked if he could touch Harvey’s neck.  When he did there was a huge lump (C1 was rotated and stuck) that was not moving and tender to his touch.  He asked Harvey to lie down and D.D. Palmer performed the 1st Chiropractic adjustment.  After 4-6 adjustments Harvey had his hearing totally restored!!!Wow! Does that mean Chiropractic cures deafness? Of course not, but what it did do for Harvey was put motion into the vertebrae joint that was stuck and allow that nerve that controlled his hearing to get “unpinched”, inturn, eventually restoring his hearing (function).Now, 118 years later Chiropractic is the number one choice for people who prefer a drugless, low risk choice for their health care.  Rather than the drug based allopathic care, which is more sick care.I work with all types of conditions with people who have been injured at work, in an auto collision, in daily activities and people who just want to stay healthy and have no symptoms.  Chiropractic care is a good fit no matter what the health goal is.To celebrate this 118th Birthday, we at Kudick Chiropractic are having a special September 16th-20th with all procedures ie: adjustments, exams and/or films for $33 each.  This allows a person to get a baseline of how their body is working. Just call for an appointment and/or information at 360-943-7360.last_img

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